Stargate/Misc Model Dump Thread

Hey people i’ve got a lot of old projects on my harddrive and i’m looking to finish some of them, starting with some old stargate models for gmod.

To start with here are a puddlejumper i did a long time ago and a Hatak megaship, the Hatak is almost done just some textures i’ll have to make.

With all the puddlejumpers being worked on is this even worth working on anymore?

The Hatak has 3 interior levels at the moment, the bridge, engineering and the launchbay. All will be excessable only via the ringstransports.

I’m sorting out my HD so when i find more models i’ll post them.

Sweet models, you going to release them once the textures have been done?

Any Idea when the models will be available?
They look gurrd, nice job

Well the Hatak is almost done, i was planning on making some lifesupport stuff like the hyperdrive and consoles for the bridge but i’m first going to release the ship and maybe add some stuff later on.

Probably release next week.

that is one sweet looking jumper

Awesome work :smiley:

Polycount for the jumper?

May I say, that is the sweetest looking jumper by far. I mean come on! It even has an interior with the 4 seats at the front and the rear area with storage. If someone could take this, add animations, textures, and coding, this would be epic. Also, that is a very nice Hatak.

The polycount stands at just about 6200 tri’s atm, i’ll get that down ever so slightly but not much. I wanted this jumper to have a lot of detail on the inside and function/look just like the original in the series.

I’m in the mood for some highpoly modeling atm so i’ve decided to start on the jumper again and try and get it finished with animations in the next 2 weeks or so.

Yay, if possible, add multiple seats inside the jumper… if you make it a SENT for Gmod

I love your Hatak!

Is the hatak and puddle jumper going to be released soon?

when this will be released? i would like to see it in action :slight_smile:

please release :smiley:

Yes release. A small puppy will become lost if you don’t release it soon :slight_smile:

do you can make a deadelus with big hangars the bridge and other ( i don´t like the prometheus )

I wanted to make a new deadelus but it seems i can’t find the time atm, i’m buisy with work so i can’t say when i’ll be able to release the HaTak.

If i can’t find the time to finish it soon i’ll ask one of the other Stargate Modders to finish and release this.

Those are some pretty cool models. I have still neveer found the out people#s fascination with puddle jumpers myself.

that’s cool lol
can’t wait till it’s finished :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance you can release these at diffrent times? Cause i want those ship’s soooo bad xD. The hatak is sick and it looks like it’s done if you ask me. Anyway yeah are one of those ships ready to be released?