Stargate Mod Help

hey does anyone know where to get the original stargate mod. the one where you could spawn stargates and dhd’s. ive looked on for ages and no luck ive searched under the stargate tag star gate.

and i just cant find it.

so please if anyone could give me a link or the name of what to put into garrys (if it goes by a different name)

thanks. Ryan.

Use SVN to download Stargate. SVN Tutorial:
But I believe their server is down at the moment. If it is, you could try using

thanks but its not got the stargate entities or the dhds just two items have apeared have i installed this properly ?
or is that all it has.

the stargate addon is not on

Make sure your stargate folders look like this:

thank you divran

i have mine installed correctly and i even put it in very any places but i still dont have the mod. can someone help me? i have it all extrced as needed but i dont even get a stargate. help!