Stargate Mod refuses to work with RD3

Alright, I’ve tried the suggested fix between the Stargate Mod and Resource Distribution 3. It simply refuses to interface. I can’t use the link tool to interface a stargate with a resource node at all. I’d like your folk’s help in resolving this problem. Also, most everyone seems to have no issue using the ori weapon. It would return a nil value for me and not function at all. I have no idea why these mods aren’t working right. I have tried everything and dug deep to find the solutions, but to no avail. For the record, I have installed the SB3, RD3, LS3, Stargate (According to the instructions on how to install it correctly!), and CAF. Any help at all would be appreciated. I must be missing some key detail, because I have reinstalled these mods several times to make sure I did them right. I even re-read the instructions to make sure I didn’t screw something up and checked the folder locations to make sure they were in the right spots too. To give you folks a better picture of how my addons structure looks right now, here it is:

addons/LS3 Core
addons/LS3 Entities
addons/MA - Mining Addon (Doesn’t work either, but that is not important)
addons/catdaemon stargate
addons/gmdm resources
addons/stargate resources
addons/Adv Duplicator
addons/wire model pack 1

That’s all there is folks, Godspeed on figuring out what is missing here, if anything. Maybe my game simply doesn’t like these mods at all. I always seem to be one of the select few where a mod simply refuses to function for no reason.

This would really be a help request better voiced on the stargate thread.