Stargate Mod

Hi @ all :slight_smile:

I would download the Stargate Main Mod but both SVN links wont work…
Is there now Way to get this Main Mod?

And i have some problems with other Stargate Mods…
I Add the Replicator Mod but it doesnt work… i can only Spawn the NPC,s
But on the Screenshots can i see some Menuinterfaces to manipulate the Replicators.

Could someone upload a SVN of all Stargate File (Stargate Main, SGMod, Replicator, Jumper, Wraith… etc…)?
Im always confuse if i add the Mods in the Addon Folder.
I Create a New Folder then Checkout SVN and add the SVN Link.
He Download all Files…
Now i have to copy the files into the Addon Folder… but only every second Mod is applied to Garrysmod.
I think the foldername is incorrect… could it be?
But doesnt know the right name… and a cant read it anywhere.

A Complete SVN with the most Mods and the right Foldernames was really really nice…


I think, this is what you need.
Doesnt look like its still in further development.

Thanks for your answere and i will check out the Complete zip… but i wanna a SVN link for TortoiseSVN

I found two links… one of them i used two years ago… but both doesnt work now!
And i could not find any SNV Links where the most usefull mods like phx3, spacebuild, wiremod, stargate, etc… are included.

I hope someone could create a SVn of all of them.
Or if anywhere have all Stargate mods and they works… then upload the Addon folder please… and send me the link…

I am sorry but are you joking? until the original team get svn back a zip is as good as anyone else’s SVN, as the svn would not be updated until the original team gets back on it

Sorry, there is none. use, it’s there.

hey lol this is totally random but i was fiddling around with ways to dial a stargate what are some good and fun ways ???

ummm dialing manualy from the crystal?