Stargate network beyond one map?

I wonder if there’s a way to build in Garrys Mod a Stargate universe with many maps?
The idea is to connect maps with the help of the stargates, so if you go through a gate, you get out on another one on another map.
I’ve no conception of programming, but it’s a very interesting idea

I’ve had a similar idea, mines is that there are three roleplay servers that are connected to each other, two cities seperated by the sea, for both of the cities to survive, they need to gather resources and trade with each-other by boat or by plane. But like you, I don’t know much about the source engine.

I doubt you could get perfectly synchronized stargate effects but I know for a fact you can transfer from server to server through the map in-game, Proyect-Z did it. There is no way to change maps on one server for only one player at a time though, you will either need to change the map for everybody or host different servers for each map.