Stargate Ori invisible

i downloaded stargate and relised it didnt have a ori ring so i downloaded it. i started playing then when i spawned it it was invisible. and when ever i play a stargate map the ori ring was errors. how do i fix that or where do i download a good ori ring? sg-mod is a mod that a guy did it has ori rings and a base and a bunch of other stuff it works with avons stargate pack try that its large too

do you mean the Ori Stargate, or the Ring Transports?

Ori Rings Transports are in the pack locutus linked to.

If you mean the Ori Stargate, don’t bother, none of them are very good (they are blindingly bright, so you can’t see anything near it very well), and they have an issue where it breaks Gate to Ramp snapping.

yeh i ment the stargate

lol srz i am the biggest noob i fixed it ages ago dont bother writing any posts. and also thnx locutus_1 for the link.