Stargate Overloader + Spacegate + targeting?

I don’t know where to put this thread, so if its in the wrong place, could someone please move it for me?
I was wondering how I might go about making a spacegate(stargate on a spacebuild map in space[yes, obvious, but just thought I’d add that just in case…) that has some form of thrusters or something to turn and target a becon or something with the laser from the stargate overloader, and perhaps use an iris to control when it fires…
yes, it would eventually explode, but it would wipe out anything on a planet’s surface before it did.

anyone who can help me on this, I’d be extremely grateful! thanks in advance!

Uh, what? I tested the beam function of the overloader, it didn’t do any damage to props. Yes, I have GCombat, but five minutes of sustained firing didn’t even scratch the target.

odd. mine does. dunno what addon I have or dont have that makes mine work and yours not… but regardless, even if it didnt damage props, it would be deadly to players, and it would look awesome in the process.

one idea would be attaching a HoverDrive, and set to location with a target finder and a beacon sensor (or, instead of a Target Finder, you could use a Laser pointer and Laser Pointer Receiver, and then you have more control over where the Gate goes.)

(although, you would want to also get and add gate, and a constant value, and use that to increase the “Z” value of where you are jumping to. otherwise, the gate could get stuck in the ground, and then it won’t go anything)

That way, it teleports above player (or where ever the Laser Pointer is pointing) when the Overloader is activated. (you may want to have the Spacegate pointing down before you active the Overloader. Otherwise, the beam will just fire into space, but if it is pointing down, it will attack either the base/ship the person was in).