Stargate Overloader without RD

can anyone make the overloader’s lua be useable WITHOUT resource distribution(glitches up my wire mod)
and can anyone help me find the effects and materials for it

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The last time I used the one included in the stargate extras pack, it did not require resource distribution, and wiremod remained fine. This pack can be downloaded here:

Of course, the pack may have been changed since last I used it.

Ya it doesn’t work

what problems are you having?

my overloader wont charge, and the dakara spams lua …just trying to get ideas of whats going on

exactly that

The overloader doesn’t require RD at all if RD isn’t installed, it just assumes it runs clean.

As for the LUA errors, hunt down the SVN and do an SVN install, should fix a fair bunch of them. Make sure you have the actual stargate addon ontop of this (not saying you won’t have but I’ve seen people try silly shit before).