Stargate Overloader

Hey guys, I just got the Stargate extras mod svn, mainly because of the overloader. I was like WOOOOOO when I watched the youtube videos of it making the “out” gate explode.

However, when I loaded it, I wired the overloader’s focus and fire functions to a numpad input of 7. Upon dialing a gate and aiming the overloader, then holding 7, Nothing happened. (Btw it was powered).

I re-aimed and stuff, then held 7 and it began to fire. It worked!..untill the gate closed WELL before it would have exploded, and nothing else happened.

Can anyone tell me why? I really can’t work it out. It never stops at the same point, suggesting that it is meant to do more than what I have seen. But I can’t get it to work. Damn.

Thanks much, it is apreciated.

Oh…also, the zero point module. I can’t make that work either. I spawn one with autolink on, and it will read “power:100% (off)”. I can’t turn it on. This would be a MUCH better way to power my SG devices, but as I said, I can’t turn it on.
Please help me =(

Thanks so much for the help guys.



If you remove SB2/3 the overloaders no longer need power.
You also don’t need to wire it up. Just position the overloader in front of the gate, just out of reach of the kawoosh and dial it. It will start overloading automatically.

Wow. Odd. I think I will keep SB I love it. But thanks! I will get right on to my overloading thingies.

Howabout I include one in my gate base? As in, I aim one but wire it with an e2 that also uses a target finder to check whether the incoming person is authorised. If not, overload. Awesome!

I will work it out.

Thanks much man. Do you know anything about the ZPM?

If someone comes into your base, you can’t overload because it’s an incoming wormhole…

If you’re using SB3, you need to connect them through a recource node.
If you’re using SB2, you should just be able to spawn them right onto the overloader and it’ll work.

Lol I got my invention working.

It works like this:

Target finder and beacon sensor tells the E2 if there is an entity within the range to dial the SG.
SG tells the E2 through a complex series of wire nodes and gates (SG wire functions are A crap and B non-working) if it has been dialed to another gate, as in, has an outgoing wormhole.
E2 “presses” the fire button with a numpad output if this entity is not my name.
Invisible overloader that is aimed at the gate outside my base then fire, disallowing anyone but me to enter

This time, I have purposely set it to only close the gate, not destroy it. I don’t wanna have to re-build my base everytime a wormhole is incoming…

Only snag here is that if i wanna authorise someone else on the server to come in I have to change one of the E2 lines to include their name. Sigh. But oh well.

Something I am pissed off with at the moment is the Stargate’s wire functions. I watched a grand youtube where he linked sound emiters with walter giving details of the stargate’s progress in dialing-just like the program- to each seperate chevron of the gate. There was no problems-it was simply “link “chevron” function to the sound emitters, IN THE RIGHT ORDER”. That’s it.

But, my gates only have “dial address”, “autoclose”, “close” and one more I can’t remember…but it is not chevron. On top of this…I have only found that the close function works. I link it to a button, or a adv. pod, and i can close it wirelessly. But no other functions work at all…

Do you have these problems? Do you know how to either:

get the current functions to work,
get more functions, as I have seen on videos and reviews.

I apologize for the wall of text, and having to ask you for more help. But it is greatly appreciated…thanks man

Oh yeh…could my differing wire functions be due to a different version/author of my SG mod?

For reference-I got the mod from here:

Stargate: (Just make four folders in addons)
Name this folder catdaemon_stargate:
Name this folder stargate:
Name this folder stargate_resources:
Name this folder gmdm_resources:

from facepunch itself.

I do not know of any other authors of a different SG mod, but it could be the cause of my differences, I suppose

“Dial address”, “autoclose”, and “close” are inputs. “Chevron” is an output.
Spawn a wire screen, click “A” on it and then click the Stargate. Then you will see it.

Oh my god I am an idiot! Of course it would be an output!

Sorry to trouble you man…blank moment. I haven’t had Gmod in like a month and I was a really advanced wirer. Looks like I’ll have to practise again!!!