StarGate Pack beta

[h2]The StarGate Pack:[/h2]
StarGate Pack is a fresh start aside from the well known Carter Addon Pack and is currently for Garry’s Mod 13.
The development will proceed in a very slow step but will provide you with High Quality Content, that will eventually support Windows, Linux and Mac without any related issues.

Currently the StarGate Pack is only available for Beta Testers but we want to introduce this Pack with this new Thread so we can post Progress and show your where we are in the development.
Do note that we do not accept any requests as of yet!

If you are interested and have the proper skills of “Coder, Modeler, Texturer or Mapper” Feel free to join our Team as we are always searching for new and good talent!
We are currently also searching for some more Beta Testers (10 to be precisely) with SourceForge Accounts that have different OS that can run GMOD13 “Linux, OSX” If you do feel free to contact us about this role.

Current Betatesters:

  • assasin21 - PC, Windows
  • GeekDeer - PC, Windows
  • BlackMac - PC, Windows
  • CharlieX3 - PC, Windows
  • orilla - PC, Windows
  • kibbols - PC, Windows
  • dije - Mac


  • Madman07
  • Boba Fett
  • count23


I could do some testing on my MBP 13" (Early 2011)

It said in the CAP you need testers. I am learning to code slowly (University Student) so I may be able to help you with that in time, but for now I can give you good feedback on bugs, etc.

Edit: You can add me on steam (preferred) or pm me. Also, I am using a PC running Windows 7 if you needed to know.

At the current stage we’ve got enought Windows testers. Mac and Linux prefered.
Learn, if you will be good at lua then you can help us :slight_smile:

I can test on linux server if you want, but right now i thing linux server not working with gmod13, so… And right now i’m busy.

Those screenshots look horrible.

In this pack did you use materials and models from CAP or you create something completely new and if your pack doesn’t need CAP addons anymore.

@TheEyes, thanks.
@Seraph, at the current stage we are using CAP models/materials, but you don’t need to have CAP. New models (and refreshed old ones) are in production.

@Mad, i could be a Linux tester in one week. I’m installing Linux and any other OS
Just tell me on what exact operative systems you need testing with (Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Kubuntu, …)

<-- Has access to Mac, Linux AND Windows :rock:

Poor you, i have access to all available operative systems.
Don’t rate dis sh!t dumb.
Maybe i am a fan of VirtualBox?

I think madman need real linux server or something like that, not vurtial, because like i remember, you can’t connect to server what on virtual mashine on linux. Also you can’t run gmod (10 at least) via virtualbox on mac os (i’m already tried).

No problem, i have 1 useless partition made only for linux.

I run all my servers in VMs. The host OS is not a problem, and as long as the client’s filesystem is case independent then it’ll work fine-ish. As much as Garrysmod server works on Linux anyway

So you are not accepting any more windows testers?

Onli ppl with Max and Linux. Hovewer, i don’t know if this project will survive. Atm I lost a will of coding :stuck_out_tongue:

I could test on Linux. I have a computer with Linux installed.

Anything us mortals can help with? Or is this an issue for the immortals alone?

If you know lua very good, then you can help me. Especially, that I don’t have much time for this, I’m sitting in Unity 3D right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Madman07 to not be here often in the week because I work alot :frowning:
but I tried to see if you have updated the svn but the svn link seem to not working !?