Stargate Pack is looking for YOU!

  • Do you know how to make good models with proper uv-maps? Is Sub-D modeling familiar to you? Do you like to make Viewmodels and know how to export and compile them?
  • Are you a texture artist with full knowledge about making good textures with proper submaps?
  • Have you got LUA skills? Do you like to spend time coding?
  • You always loved to make really good maps?

If you answered yes, then we are looking for YOU! StarGate Pack for garry’smod beta need skilled people to make an awesome job on creating a fresh version of StarGate pack!
Don’t wait! Let us know!

Well, i do have some ideas laying around…

Think you need aVoN… Isnt he around anymore?

Avon stopped coding for Stargate a long time ago…

Isn’t the old team available? Besides, Alex joined you, (too bad assassin left ): ), looks like a pretty good big team to me, but i guess i do have some ideas.

Well thats too bad.
I currently lack skill and time (finals, meh), but I really like to see this project running :slight_smile:

If it would be, i wouldn’t make such topic. Also, we always lacked good mapper / modelers (except izi, tiny, markjaw and progsys, but they or left team or made just some props on request).

On new, gmod beta version now only works me and Boba.

Oh, that sucks…the old team was great.I guess I could try to contribute in some ways, not sure how though.

I know a good mapper but he only makes maps for CSS but I have alittle knowledge in modeling

Now that I’ve finished my map I’m free for new mapping projects. Well, after exams.