"stargate" problem

I have stargate mod’s for my Gmod but the zpm wont work under its tab info it tells me i don’t have the zpm so it is useless to me.
how do i sort it out

I think it requires Life Support 3 and Resource Distribution 3 to work.

where do i get them
if you could post a link

If you don’t have Life Support or Resource Distribution, then there really is no need for a ZPM, as all it does is make tons of energy that’s only useful in a Spacebuild scenario.

All you’d end up doing is watching numbers go up in a battery entity, with no real use for it. Just numbers.

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also Google

oh OK it works now thanks
…oh and the carter add on pack doesn’t work i don’t sopose you know how to do it ???

Define “doesn’t work”

its ok it work now