Stargate Resistance Characters

Stargate Resistance Characters

I was sad to see that this game has joined the list of the dead games, plus the client was hanging around on my HDD, so I decide to export the models from in, in order somneone to use them. Those are all character models from stargate resistance. Models in: *.psk, *.dae, *.fbx, *.smd; textures in: *.tga
In order to use those you need: 3ds Max or MilkShape 3d, or Blender. All models have their original bones.
All models are property of their original owners.


Note: Not all models are shown in the screan.

I doubt this pack contains any Wraiths. Oh well.

Well those are from Stargate Resistence… In the original stargate there are no Wraiths… They appear in Stargate Atlantis, and this game (SG R) wasn’t based on stargate atlantis.
However there were in stargate worlds… unfortunetly that game was canseled.

The original creator of stargate will be rolling in his grave

If of course he is in a grave, I also assume there will be some earthquakes

nope, they still got pulse, though thankfully they stop making disaster movies

My old links are dead, I’m sorry. Here’s new set of links:

Do you have the DHD modle from the game ?

This thread has been dead for a few months, dude. Next time, just send them a PM instead.