stargate sbep

this idea was rejected in the sbep thread so im posting it here (edit:so the sbep team isnt doing this,unless one of them wants too)

because stargate parts would look cool. so would some of the ship mounted weapons. im not asking for all of this at once,that would be trolling, but it would just be awsome

lantean (warship exterior)

destiny (very sexy)

asgard (hard to find good pictures) (could be used as a ls3 generator)

wraith (very interesting) (way to big, but i thought it would be nice anyway)

i find jaffa ships boring, but anyways'tak.JPG


tau ri (earth humans)’s.jpg

weaponry and (should require energy) (also needs energy, different colours and sizes please)’s_Horizon_missile_platform_deployed.jpg (nuclear missile that should probably have some drawback)

fixed links

stuff that could be used in ls3 energy (probably solar) energy (fusion or just energy that could be created anywhere?) energy (is there a neutonium resource?) could be a climate regulator

all of the links are broken.

oh fuck, i posted them a while ago before this thread and copid pasted them

the weaponry and tau ri ones should be ok as they are recent

title reads “Stargate SBEP” so if you’re talking SBEP integration, it’s not gonna happen, sorry.


Besides that, I do think it would be cool.

Why not you learn hoe to model. And then you can model these ships yourself, and make your own big project, like stargate and SBEP.

You could call it SGSH maybe… :stuck_out_tongue: Stargate Ships, or SGSP, Stargate Ship Pack.

And I agree, it would be cool with Stargate ships.