Stargate sg1-hq servers

SG1-HQ has a few servers
USA servers
stargate build IP 10 slot
spacebuild/stargate IP : 10 slot
TEAMSPEAK 3: 10 slot

Our servers have custom content from stargate ls3 rd3 ect alot of wire e2 custom hooks and extensions

Coming later this month will be a server in europe and a server in the USA thats not a stargate build or spacebuild idk yet might be RP or something i havnt talked it over with the users yet. also im trying to get a server in AUS very soon late jan earlly feb.

If you need more info plz view the website and froums at or email us at [EMAIL=“”]
The steam group page is
There is also a Facebook page thats being worked on just got it up and running it can be found by typing sg1 hq in the search bar on FB (It still has many things that i need to add but dont have time tonight should have it looking nice by tomorrow.)