Stargate Tab doesnt work in server play, Plz Help!!

When I load into my server I keep on having an inability to access the Stargate Tab. The Only things that show up in here is the F-302 Settings and the Credits.

The Tab works correctly in singleplayer mode but doesnt in server play.

Please Help.

StarGate Pack: Initializing
Version: 46

Loading: stargate/shared/init.lua
Loading: stargate/shared/keyboard.lua
Loading: stargate/shared/bullets.lua
Loading: stargate/shared/lib.lua
Loading: stargate/shared/matrix.lua
Loading: stargate/shared/print_r.lua
Loading: stargate/shared/tracelines.lua
Loading: stargate/client/init.lua
Loading: stargate/client/F302Settings.lua
Loading: stargate/client/keyboard.lua
Loading: stargate/client/menu.lua
Loading: stargate/vgui/SKeyboardKey.lua
Loading: stargate/vgui/SAddressPanel.lua
Loading: stargate/vgui/SAddressSelect.lua
Loading: stargate/vgui/SControlePanel.lua
Loading: stargate/vgui/SHelpButton.lua
Loading: stargate/vgui/SHTMLHelp.lua

KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got EOF instead of keyname in file In

Mckays Stargate Pack Addon Installed Version: 6

Including: RepAttackableList.lua
Including: RepControlPanel.lua
Including: RepFile.lua
Including: RepNumberPanel.lua
Including: list_reps.lua
Including: rd.lua
Including: vgui.lua
Replicator Core Library Initialized