Stargate Universe Gate

This is my coded Stargate Universe Gate. It is not a Adv. Dupe. Here is a video:

Release coming soon.
It is still buggy and I´m having problems with the spawning of the third model. Why three models? One ramp, one glyph ring and one outer-ring. The ramp is in the entity because in the SGU series, there´s no gate (yet) that has got no ramp or floor beneath it. Here´s both the buggy Model setup and the buggy spawner:
Model setup:

ENT.Models = {


function ENT:AddMainring()
	local pos = self.Entity:GetPos();
	local e = ents.Create("prop_dynamic_override");

Help me and the release is coming faster.
For now I´m using the Origate models and textures.
The sounds IS SGU sounds.
aVoN - Base Code
Micropro - Textures
Treselak - Origate
Zup - Models

This would be great with a Universe gate model!

I was expecting a SGU model.

Ruined my hopes :’(

The gate suck and the 2 left chevrons off shouldn’t not supposed to be finish here.

It will be a SGU model when someone hands over a model to me. One of my friends maybe can get me one soon.

Don´t feel to bad, I will not release this until I´ve got a SGU model.


hey lotus006. FUCK YOU!

All lights come on at the same time. At the very least make white lights at each chevron and turn them on before dialing.

umm not to dampen your hopes and dreams

  1. avon has coded one he is just waiting for the model to be textured
  2. no one is gonna hand you a decent working model ever sorry
  3. your just copying and pasting code from the stargates dude not cool total plagarism
  4. just leave it to avon mate cause this will screw up his stargate pack if you are coding it like u are

josepho93, the SGU gate is made by TheSniper, and it is done…
And yes, the code is based on the Ori gate…
Please read the first post at all and then post silliness like that!

yea but avon plans to release a better working one TheSniper is just releasing a seperate gate outside the pack if ive read it correctly if not then sorry

  1. No…he hasn’t coded an SGU gate.
  2. Nothing to say.
  3. Well, no shit. How else is he going to make it?
  4. No it won’t.


A better working gate? TheSniper made a model. That’s it. He is not releasing anything Stargate related, as far as I can remember. And aVoN doesn’t have any plans for an SGU gate, he has to finish what he’s working on first.

  1. Yes it will, he’s revamping the code for 45.

Yeah… don’t get my hopes up like that. A) this is crappy. B) it doesn’t behave correctly. especially in the fact that it doesn’t light up all chevrons first before dialing. C) I doubt that anyone will provide you with a -decent- working model. D) I believe when the SGU gate is released, it will not use the ori gate as a base, contrary to what everyone seems to be saying. it doesn’t make sense for it to use the ori gate, because the ori gate is basically an SG1/milky way gate, and as we all know, avon is adding at least one new gate, which to my knowledge does not act like a standard sg1 gate. that being said, obviously he’s coding new gates at some point.

i do believe you dont have much knowledge in LUa coding
so i will tell you why it isnt being based off of another gate

  1. avon is basing it off of his stargate base code so that he can infact put it in his pack
    2 the ori gate was made my someone outside the stargate mod so its an addon to the mod
    3 basing it off the ori gate is the stupidest thing ever
    4 i am pretty sure Thesniper doesnt do coding all that much either he is gonna hand it over to avon
    5 and i did read the first post and frankly if i wanted to do this with the origate i could do it in five minutes
    enough said


yes but they will all be using his stargate base entitiy thats how he makes everything work for the stargates

I don’t even know what you’re talking about…


No, he said this would mess up stargate, not stargate would mess up this…I think…

I have made the Universe gate in hammer and will export it as a model after I’ve had some sleep.

Well, here it is…


After he re-vamps. this will mess it up.

1, Yea I know that. As I said, the Ori gate base is TEMPORARY SOLUTION!
2, It’s a modification of an addon, in a separate addon package…
3, Yes I know, but look at 1, !
4, I never said he’s coding, I said he’s making the gate! (=modelling it)
5, If you an then go, do it… Do a better one, and shut up before proving it…

I really don’t understand people with a big mouth but nothing to show up when needed…


Flyboi, that looks really nice!
Could I have it?

The only issue I see with this, may or may not have been mentioned, the middle lit chevron should end up on top in the end. I think that’s what lotus was trying to say.