Stargate Universe stargate (spoilers?)

I would really like to see a model of the new stargate from Stargate Universe.

Here’s a good diagram of the front:

Set of detailed pictures of each glyph:

Gallery containing various and plentiful detailed photographs of the stargate:

Two nice photos:

Screencap of the active stargate:

Inactive stargate:

Inactive stargate on a planet:

I have no actual use for it, but I know many other would like to see this, and I’m certain it’s going to be made eventually anyways, I’m just contributing what little I can.

Already made, pictures are in the Stargate thread in the LUA section.

Are you sure? I looked there and all I found was that Avon wasn’t doing shit about anything.

Yeah I’m sure they are posted in there somewhere as I was the one who did it but here are some pictures of it since they are lost in the thread somewhere,

Made up a quick environment because it looked odd sitting on a ramp in the middle of black space…

Excellent, loved the first SGU episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it because the new stargate was a sight for sore eyes.

Is it available to download? If it is, can someone please post a link to it?

Yeah, cant we just have the model in gmod?

were the download link of the stargate mod?

This model was finished and coded a while back, it was added in to the Carters Addon Pack (CAP) you will need to download that pack to get the SGU gate (Search the LUA Releases section for the forum and download link)