stargate uses

i dont know how many people uses avons stargate svn but i like to use it here and there for bases and other stuff so i thought i would see if this thread got any where

what is some of the best thing or worst things u have ever used the addon for rather it be a prank or whatever :slight_smile:

i made a gatespawn! (shocking), but its not your average gate spawner it has a “custom” gate and my admin tower with admin gate.

I used to use it for kawooshing a base :smiley:

It was lagging and had lots of lamps - so I placed a stargate right outside where the lamps were, and then kawooshed. Problem was solved, he raged, vowed to never come back. He came back after a day.

I also use the laser as a weapon in base wars. On the top of my base, I mount a huge turret-type thing aimed with an E2, with the stargate in the middle. Then I use the overloader with “focus beam” turned on from inside my base. It’s epic until the stargate starts overloading.

I like to find out who has stargates in their bases and then throw naquahdah bombs into my stargate and out theirs, takes them out very nicely