Stargate Weapons

[release]Stargate Weapons

What is that?
Its a pack with different Stargate series weapons. Its still in progress, so if u wanna help me - nice :slight_smile:

This pack include:
[li] Stationary Railgun,[/li][li] Ship Railgun,[/li][li] Stationary Staff Weapon,[/li][li] Asgard Beam Weapon,[/li][li] Destiny turret,[/li][li] Ori Satelitte,[/li][/ul]

Next to do:
[li] Destiny main weapon - 0% (waiting for model),[/li][li] Horizon - 50%,[/li][li] Tollana Ion Cannon - 80%,[/li][li] AG-3 - 80%,[/li][/ul]


Stationary Railgun is a Railgun, that ppl used on Atlantis to defend it. Its controlled directly - by keys or by mouse, or by wire.

  • WSAD or mouse - move,
  • SPACE or left mouse button - fire!
  • R or right mouse button - reload,
  • Insert, Delete, Page Up and Down - change camera,

Ship Railgun is used on BC-303 and BC-304. You can control it by wire or chair - just hit it with some chair. No need for reloading and it not overheat.

Stationary Staff Weapon is based on aVoN Staff, I just added standing and turning part, and coded it. Activate it by E, then move with your mouse, left button for fire, right button for explode. Run away for disconnecting.

Asgard Beam Weapon is a weapon, which fire high density energy pulse. You can only shot entities - no ground or sky hitting. It will track entities, so both, target and gun can move without any aiming problems. Also, you can’t change target during shoot. It charge 2-3 sec and fire for 1 sec.

Destiny turret - automatic defence system created by Ancients. It protected Destiny before blue Aliens for many years. Today, u can defend ur bases yourself, without any targeting computer.

Ori Satellite - it’s satellite designed by Ori and manufactured by Rand Protectorate. It’s main coz, that it isn’t indestructible. But is enough powerful, to hold it’s shield active even vs. very powerful weapon and kill enemy’s shields in 2,3 shoots. Shield is holding for 2min, and recharging for 2min. Weapon also need 2 min to charge. Be aware, without shield it’s really easy to kill that satellite.

All weapons (not counting staff weapon) are controlled by wire or chair. Turn Active input on and plug in Target Finder (entity) or some GPS (vector). There is Ammo and Heat output and Reload input (only statnionary version). Also there is InRange output - connect it with Fire input and guns will fire only, when something is in range :slight_smile: Also u can use chair - just hit standing part with it and shoot! If u have RD and LS then don’t forget to connect ZPM to standing part (only ship railgun, asgard beam weapon and destiny turret)![/release]

[release]Important Things!!![ul]
[li] You need WireMod and aVoN Stargate pack to make it work.[/li][li] You can use it with RD2 and LS2 - works with ZPM.[/li][li] I uploaded it on svn cause it will be update often. Please don’t re-upload it to - I will do that in time.[/li][li] Like I said - its in progress. Still working on everything and on effects.[/ul][/li]
[li] MGM for ideas,[/li][li] Iziraider for cool models, textures,[/li][li] Montross for textures, icons,[/li][li] TheCreepe for online testing on,[/li][li] locutus_1 for sounds,[/li][li] Me, for models, textures, icons, sounds, code :):)[/li][li] aVoN for staff code and much more,[/li][li] RononDex for code, which helped me in first steps in lua ;] (hud code, entering, leaving vehicle, lights, sprites),[/ul][/li]
If I forgot about somebody - let me know :slight_smile:

If u have some ideas or u want some vid with my weapons (even that not released) - let me know, I will do my best. My yt profile:[/release]

[release]Download and pictures:
Whole Carter’s Addon Pack:


sexy, while i dont think the ship and gu uald cannons look as they shood, i must say its nice that someone finaly attempted these

Looks awesome dude :3:

Awesome! Though the ship cannon seems to be missing a texture =/

At first I thought the “Ship Railgun” was a Dalek from Doctor Who. :3:
The stationary railgun looks awesome though.

You might want to disable walking for the stationary staff-weapon. Since you can still walk around with move keys, while “inside” it.

punkrjp, it was whole point to make it grab-and-shoot, without sitting, and turning on, so u can exit it immediately - just run and drop a weapon :slight_smile:

I started working on Asgard Beam Weapon, for now it looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

like the mounted ar2s in the hl2 single player?
npcs could use those… if npcs can you can haz my downloadz!

I know that’s the point, and I agree. But in it’s current state, you can run around the map while in it.

What u mean? If you go to far, then you are disconnecting from wep.

jack254, I saw somewhere on FP that sb made a stool with different weapons that worked just like my staff.

Asgard beam? Freaking awesom man! ur weps are AWESOM

i’m not sure, if another addon interfers with yours,
but if i spawn e.g. the ship railgun, the top falls off the base

incase it is caused by another addon, i’ll edit the post later…

even after i deleted most of the addons which were pretty new…
it still shows some “errors”, concerning the init.lua

just an “error” report,…no blame allocation intended :smile:

forget the last edit…
everything works fine now…
geesh i had to throw out a couple of things…but no problem, most of them were pretty useless xD

Omg you made it dude! You got 2 downloads from me! One for my client, and one for my server =)
Epic job buddy, expecting more with the asgard beam :slight_smile:

fdinasty, interesting, What addon did U removed?

it wont show up in the entities tab

nwm i hadnt movet it out of the svn folder

Awww… I spoke a lill fast. I found a (multiplayer?) glitch:

I wired it up with a laser pointer recevier to test it out, it worked perfectly… almost.
The bullets won’t disapear at all, I mean I shoot, but then they just flies into the map without removing, so the more I shoot, the more the server lag :confused:

Damn, that’s what I worried about. I screwed up something and it happens also on my PC but i though that its my PC… I will try to solve to problem.

first of, deleted the Railgun 1.5 thingy which montross uploaded on

after that, i did a complete renewal of the wire-addon,… meaning AdvDup, wire models pack 1, and the wire folder via. svn

to my surprise, the wire tab in the top right did show up again, after it was away for a few days o_o

yepp,…it seem like it crashes the game after a couple of minutes

Little present for those, who can’t wait, cuz i spend 4 hours on that and its not working lol ;p

Is that the asgard beam wep?