Stargate with Group System

[release]Stargate with Group System by AlexALX

First - sorry all for my english, i very bad speak english.

This is a Garry’s Mod Addon, add stargate with group system (with 8 and 9 chevrons activation).
Also have new wire inputs/outputs and new slow dial with lock on symbol function (sg1/infinity/movie/universe).
And have wire manual slow dial for sg1, infinity and movie stargates.
And have On-Button-Press-Chevron-Light-Up feature and energy support.
And very many bug fixes for CAP/aVoN codes and other small changes.

Bugs tracker:…2&atid=1649215

If you find any bugs or if you want me to add something, post it in this thread. Thank you![/release]
[release]This addon includes:

  • DHD’s with group system: atlantis, sg1, infinity, universe, concept, city.
  • Stargate with group system: atlantis, infinity, movie, sg1, tollan, universe, orlin.
  • Mobile DHD with group system support.
  • New wire inputs/outputs for stargates.
  • New slow dial for sg1, infinity, movie and universe stargates with chevron lock on symbol function.
  • Wire manual slow dial for sg1, infinity and movie stargates, with two points of origin support!
    Spawn concept dhd for use different poo and order of symbols (also work with slow dial for sg1, infinity and movie stargates).
  • On-Button-Press-Chevron-Light-Up feature (differs from the CAP).
  • Energy support.
  • Stargate atlantis iris use energy.
  • Stargate glyphs in dialling menu! Not including atlantis gate and supergate.
  • Silver kawoosh effect for universe stargate.
  • Local gate feature (on this gates you can activate only 7 chevrons and only in-galaxy connections).
  • Stargate block address feature (shows in red color and can not be clicked).
  • Map “gm_stargateworlds_parody_beta3” with ugly graph, but good gatespawner with using local gate feature.
  • Destroyable chevrons at the Stargates (sg1, movie, tollan, atlantis)!
  • Very many bug fixes for CAP/aVoN codes and other small changes/features.
  • Multi-language stargate vgui menus (english, russian, dutch, spanish, german, swedish).
    Note: for choose language use command cl_language (in console).
    Note two: stargate with destroyed chevron(s) can be saved with gatespawner!

All stuff in a separate tab - Stargate with Group System.

Sometimes can conflict with CAP addon, when CAP release new version - i should make compatibility update (not always, just wait).

Information about all new wire inputs/outputs you can read in “Wire Info.txt” file.[/release]
[release]How group system work:

  • If stargate connect to stargate with same group - used 7 chevrons, and formula of address is: stargate address (example: 123456) + point of origin ("#"). So for example dialed address will be “123456#”. And if sgu connect to sgu - then the distance between the gate’s must be less than convar “stargate_sgu_find_range”, else - dial fail.
  • If not universe stargate connect to not universe stargate with different group - used 8 chevrons, and formula of address is: stargate address (example: 123456) + stargate group, only first symbol (example: P@) + point of origin ("#"). Example: dialed address will be “123456P#”.
  • If not universe stargate connect to universe stargate - used 9 chevrons, and formula of address is: stargate address (example: 123456) + stargate type (example: U@#). Example: dialed address will be “123456U@#”.
  • If universe stargate connect to not universe stargate - used 9 chevrons, and formula of address is: stargate address (example: 123456) + stargate group (example: M@) + “#”. Example: dialed address will be “123456M@#”.
  • If universe stargate connect to universe stargate and the distance between the gate’s more than convar “stargate_sgu_find_range” - used 8 chevrons, and formula of address is: stargate address (example: 123456) + stargate type, only first symbol (example: U@#) + point of origin ("#"). Example: dialed address will be “123456U#”.
    Note: stargate universe can have symbol “#” in group (but symbol “#” can only be latest).
    Group names (symbols): M@ - Milky Way, P@ - Pegasus, I@ - Ida (asgard), O@ - Ori galaxy, other symbols - Custom.
    Stargate universe have type instead group, and can’t have one type on different gates, except shared types.
    Universe types: U@# - universe (shared), DST - destiny, SGI - gate installer (shared), other types - Custom.[/release]
    [release]How energy system work:
  • Energy system work only if you have Life Support (version 2 or 3) and Resource Distribution addons.
  • If convar stargate_energy_dial set to 1 (default) then all stargates need energy for connection.
  • Some items can give only a some amount of energy, not all, so you must use the Storage Devices > Batteries. Otherwise you can not connect.
  • For connect to stargates in the current group (7 chevrons) enough energy by dhd or few naquadah reactors or more.
  • Universe stargate can powered by ramp for connect with 7 chevrons.
  • For connect to stargates in different group (8 chevrons) enough energy by one ZPM and Storage Devices > Batteries or more.
  • For connect to sgu stargates (9 chevrons) enough energy by few ZPM and Storage Devices > Batteries.
  • Greater distance - more energy needed.[/release]
    [release]What are the differences of my “On-Button-Press-Chevron-Light-Up” feature from the CAP:
  • Target stargate lightup only after you press “DIAL” button on dhd.
  • For sg1/concept/infinity dhd’s used new sounds.
  • With On-Button-Press feature sounds work differently.
  • Added auto-shutdown timer (20 sec) - if player pressed buttons and not activate gate, then gates will be deactivated after 20 seconds.
  • Fixed some bugs.[/release]
    Carter Addon Pack latest rev -[/release]
    [release]Rev 203 - Short Demo
**Rev 206 ChangeLog:**
**Video (rev 145):**
**Rev 192 - Glyphs in menu!**

Rev 146-181 ChangeLog:

Video (rev 96):
Wired dhd (rev 97):
Video (rev 48):
Stargate Universe - chevron lock with symbol function (rev 52):
[/release] [release]**Downloads:** SVN: (always latest version!)


[release]Servers with this addon:
Official server - - located in Ukraine, it have Stargate, CAP, SGGroups, SpaceBuild, SBEP, SGMod, Wire and more - Sandbox Build.
Have only 14 slots, and can be high ping for people from USA. - Stargate, CAP, SG-Groups, SBEP - Sandbox Build. - Stargate US Server, CAP, SG-Groups, SBEP, LS&RD3 - SpaceBuild 3.[/release]
TortoiseSVN Client is required!

  1. Go to garry’s mod addon folder (Steam\steamapps<yourname>\garrysmod\garrys mod\addons).
  2. Rightclick on an empty place, choose SVN Checkout.
  3. Enter the link “” (without " ) and click ok.
  4. Wait for the download process is done.
  5. You can launch garry’s mod.

If you want use this addon with modelclipping addon (by Deathmaker) then:

  1. Remove folder and all files in folder: cap\lua\entities\event_horizon from CAP addon.
  2. Go to folder before_cap_sg_groups\lua\entities\event_horizon.
  3. Remove file init.lua.
  4. Rename file init.lua_mc to init.lua.
  5. Enjoy ;).

Attention! If you host the server - then this addon should be required on the client side! Otherwise, there will be some problems.


Be sure to have correctly installed addon - move before_cap_sg_groups folder into addons folder of your GMod.
NAME OF FOLDER MUST BE “before_cap_sg_groups” (without " )!
ON MAC OS FOLDER NAME MUST BE “z_cap_sg_groups” (without " )! Also should not be installed old avon stargate addon.
If you host a linux server - then read the file “For Linux Users (english).txt”.
If you have old supergate addon - remove it! This addon cause bugs and not compatible with latest CAP.
If you have Stargate Extras or Stargate GDO - remove it! They are not compatible with CAP.
Also, possibly can create conflicts other old addons for stargate.
Do you have latest Carter Addon Pack? If not - then download.[/release]

  • stargate_group_system <1/0> - if set to 0, then will be used galaxy dialling type from CAP.
    Note: after convar “stargate_group_system” changed, you should wait 5-10 seconds until stargate system will be reloaded.
  • stargate_candial_groups_dhd <1/0> - allow dialling another groups by dhd (default 1). Including mobile dhd and dhd on ships (like on jumper etc).
  • stargate_candial_groups_menu <1/0> - allow dialling another groups by stargate menu (default 1).
  • stargate_candial_groups_wire <1/0> - allow dialling another groups by wire (default 1). Including wire manual slow dial.
  • stargate_sgu_find_range <16000> - sgu find range (default 16000). If sgu of current group too far - then you can only dial it by 8 chevrons. 0 - disable (always can dial by 7 chevron address).
  • [From CAP] stargate_energy_dial <1/0> - enable energy consumption for the stargates.
  • stargate_energy_dial_spawner <0/1> - if set to 1 (default 0), then stargates spawned by gatespawner (server) needed energy for connect too.
  • [From CAP] stargate_different_dial_menu <0/1> - you can dial only by dhd’s (and mobile dhd’s).
  • stargate_dhd_protect <0/1> - if set to 1 (default 0), then players can’t destroy dhd’s.
  • stargate_dhd_protect_spawner <0/1> - if set to 1 (default 0), then players can’t destroy dhd’s spawned by gatespawner (server).
  • stargate_dhd_destroyed_energy <1/0> - if set to 0 (default 1), then destroyed dhd’s do not give energy for gate.
  • [From CAP] stargate_dhd_close_incoming <1/0> - if set to 0 (default 1), then players can’t close inbound connections by dhd.
  • stargate_show_inbound_address <2/1/0> - default 2, 0 - don’t show inbound addresses on dhd or wire, 1 - don’t show only if gate private, 2 - always show.
  • stargate_protect <0/1> - if set to 1 (default 0), then players can’t destroy stargate chevrons.
  • stargate_protect_spawner <0/1> - if set to 1 (default 0), then players can’t stargate chevrons spawned by gatespawner (server).
  • stargate_block_address <2/1/0> - default 2, block address feature available for all gates, if set to 1, then feature will available only for universe gate, set to 0 - disable this feature.
  • stargate_dhd_letters <1/0> - default 1, shows letters on dhd.
  • stargate_energy_target <1/0> - default 1, enabling consume energy from target stargates.
  • stargate_vgui_glyphs <2/1/0> - show glyphs and letters in stargate vgui menu, 2 - both (default), 1 - only glyphs, 0 - only letters.
  • stargate_dhd_menu <1/0> - shows dhd menu when press center button (default 1).
  • stargate_atlantis_override <1/0> - enable stargate atlantis override function (default 1).
    Note: this convars work only for group stargates, except convars from CAP.
    Hint: Type in console stargate_group_convars for open convars edit menu![/release]
    [release]Known bugs:
  • Symbols when dialling with slow mode shows incorrect on the normal dhd if there is concept dhd.
  • Two symbol (F and X) not light-up (visualy) on universe stargate, because this symbols not exists on model (exists only on dhd).
  • On slower (low-end) computers can be problems with chevron lock on symbol function (on top) with universe stargate (not tested).
  • Stargate search by names are case-sensitive for non-english letters.[/release]
  • Avon - stargate addon.
  • Carter Addon Pack team - models, materials, some code and other.
  • AlexALX - stargate with group system.

Special thank for remy561 with helping publication information about this addon, all rights granted by me (AlexALX).[/release]

Rev 202 changes:

  • Now atlantis and destiny consoles can dial 8&9 chevron addresses when convar “stargate_candial_groups_dhd” is 0.
  • Now you will have warning message when old avon stargate addon installed (cap no longer requires this addon to work, just remind).
  • Facepunch thread link changed to new (and for what close old thread? >_<).


So now opened new thread and you can continue talking :D.

Owkay, hay :smiley:

cool new cap and group threads … i missed thease

Hi i would like to report an annoying bug:

On a multiplayer server, if you lag(for instance someone has build a big station with spacebuild enhancement pack, flys arround but does not have it properly welded/no-colidded, you lag. What often happens is when the stargate closes/opens when you are lagging is that your game crashes. Again, this is only when their is lag, and the chance of crashing is highly reduced when the game is running smooth. Could you guys fix this? Since its really annoying!


Rev 203 changes:

  • Fix for german language file (file is corrupt).

And nothing more… But i’m prepare new small video with my addon.

Good to know about new theard :slight_smile:
If i want to make Slovak translation, which files i have to edit ?? data/language ??

New video available!

Stargate with Group System - Rev 203 - Short Demo

This is experimental video, music maybe not good, also show only few features and show small comparison with CAP. This idea had in my dream (:D), when a long time thinking about how better to make a new video. I han’t much time for this, so i show only main features, some of old features you can watch on previous videos…

Also this video is just for for advertising, nothing personal) (i appeal to the CAP team) Thanks for your hard work) And thanks for me and my hard work :DD


Yes, but read file before_cap_sg_groups\doc\How to translate sg menus.txt first)

okay thx :slight_smile:

Destroyable chevrons are shit imo

It can be disabled) Who does not like this.

it is unrealistic
ever saw a stargate with destroyed chevs?

I never saw a single stargate and so didn’t you either because they do not exist.

no, but this is gmod and a game) do you really think in MMO game like stargate worlds (r.i.p. game) would all like in the tv show? I do not thing so…

well, idc but i just wanted to say :slight_smile:
anyways, what about adding gmod 13 compatibility?

I havn’t much time for this (already tired work with gmod), and i havn’t beta key, so… When it will be released, then probably something will be changed… But not right now.

The first thing we need it’s CAP team need to port the primary addons before :S

SGU - Common Descent…

there wasnt a chev missing, but a part of the gate itself

Exaclty why I use this addon, and you can always ask me for translations if you have changed something. :wink:

And I am also hoping on a Gmod 13 port when it releases, there are a lot of positive changes in it. (especially workshop updating and the new spawnmenu)