Stargate World - The Gamemode [WIP]


New Thread Will Come Within The Weekend.

We are currently just finishing up the storyline, factions, jobs, and features planning atm. We will have this done this weekend. We have already started development on the map by our mapper Flyboi. The Gamemode development it’s self will start within a week.

This is a lot of work and I don’t see this getting complete but good luck

Saved Slot for Comments, in furture.

I agree Fish, It’s not going to be a rushed project like most gamemodes. I’m trying to truely re-create the Stargate Series and reflect them as much as possible in this gamemode. Fortunatly, The Stargates, Puddle Jumpers, X302s & Darts are already pre-released from which saves me a good month of coding and modeling alone.

My current goal at the moment is to get a basic understanding of the other jobs in the project (Modeling,Mapping,Coding) So if I do happend to get other teammates. I can be involved as much as possible, I am defiantly going to get into each of the jobs more deeply in the near or far future. But, At this moment. I’m just focusing on making a general outline of the gamemode and getting a idea of what will need to be done to complete this.

In my opinion the entire idea is flawed beyond logic… the reason the Wraith aspire to reach the Earth and the Milkyway was because it was, and I quote “A rich new feeding ground” so why then, would the Wraith annihilate the Earth?
Also, I’m sure the Tauri (us) would put up one hell of a fight against the wraith… and the remaining Jaffa forces would also get involved as I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be sucked to death anymore than we do.
The only plausable way this would all work is if it all sits in an entirely different Parallel Universe.

In my opinion you should stick to the Stargate franchaise alot more than this ill thoughtout idea allows.
The idea that the Wraith would set up camp on the same planet as the fleeing Humans on “P135” is simply ridiculas, if there are 17 hive ships they’d simply annihilate the planet just like they did with the Earth earlier on in this fantasy? no? Also the adress of a stargate isn’t four characters long. it’s six like so “M5S-224”.

There are also many other flaws which I don’t care to go into detail at this moment.

I would suggest you keep to the Pegasus galaxy to follow up something along this setting. Perhaps an X-304 vessel is attacked and stranded by a single Hive, and both the Hive and the X304 end up crashing at opposite sides of the same planet?

Its a nice idea, good luck! I look forward to trying it in the future.

Did you draw that gate yourself?

Good Ide Flyboi, I’ll get to work on a new Storyline tonight. I wrote the storyline at 3 AM In the morning so ya, It’s not that good hehe.

Ori, No. My friends going to College for Game Design Artist or whatever you call it xD , So he’s helping me out.

Edit - Another Response To Flyboi

Flyboi, I’ve seen your work and your enthusiam with Stargate. If you would like, You may take the Position as Head Mapper Or Map Creator if you wish for the Team :slight_smile: It’s up to you.

I’m not an expert but in my memories, nor the Wraith, Replicators or the Ori have concepts of “money” or possessions, at least not on an “assault fleet” basis.
Neither do most of the Human offworld teams, sure they do have home, income and all but those are “earthian” concepts that they do not really live by on atlantis/offworld bases.

As a result i highly suggest to stick only to physical and mental “improvements” for the players and make the resources and technologies be shared by all members of a faction. yeah it’s communist, but hey it’s war.

Well, If I were to undertake such a position i’d have to be insired by the project. I am currently working on creating the Destiny from SGU in the hope of using it in a gamemode, which would be entirely different to the idea you propose.

At the moment I’m not willing to scrap my current project in light of this.

If you are interested, here are few images of my current project

Hmm… Add my steam at Nefertia1122 or on msn at Either one is fine. Preferably steam since im on my other msn atm lol. But, A.S.A.P It’s important. xD

Angel, Your suggestion is very very appealing. I think, The money and possessions system could be turned into a more of resources system? It would replace the money and inventory system in total, Having to pay a certain amount of resources to get the item you want to buy " manufactured " for you. To the physical and mental improvements. Basically like skills, Intelligence, Strength and so on. Intelligence would give you a faster response time on for example picklocking as if you had more knowledge the higher the intelligence. For strength, The longer and faster you could run for the higher the strength.

I’ll re-do the Features list tonight, aswell as re-creating a new storyline to the suggestion of Flyboi and a General Outline section explaining features of the gamemode in more depth and other things.

F-302’s by the way, not X-302’s, change name of project, and what exactly is the point of this? Deathmatch until the wraith kill all of you?

Hey Guys,

New Storyline is in Development, As well as a modified futures list and a new section called General Outline explaining the gamemode in more detail and such on. A new banner and sub banners will be added aswell. The Jobs / Factions will be totally re-done including news jobs and new descriptions for all current Jobs and Factions.

Expecting the above to done later tomorrow night. Have some studying to do for a Unit Test xD


Hm. Looks like we posted at the same time Zulthus.

If you don’t have a actual suggestion or helpful critisim. Please don’t bother posting, The X-302 Is The Prototype Version of the F-302. We are using the X-302, Not the F-302. So please don’t bother posting about that anymore.

Please don’t reply anymore to this thread, Your posts are not wanted in here please. This is a Development Thread. Ment for Updates and Suggestions.

Didn’t know what you were using, thought you had made a mistake, and that’s my fault. TBH I really just wanted to know what the point of this was.

Its Ok,

I’m a little cranky today, 2 Major Unit tests and a Major Project all on the same day xD

Currently re-doing the General Gamemode idea to be based off The New Show Series SG:U. A new thread will be coming probably tomorrow.


Storyline Has Been Complete
Jobs Are Being Revised
Factions Are Being Revised.

Art work is being drawn up along with 3D Models & some pictures of the new map.

A New post with the new gamemode name (Alternate Universe) Will be posted tomorrow night with Gamemode information. It will be strictly a Update / Development Thread. Sorry for the delay on the new thread folks.

You sure can run through threads.

First one was a idea thread.

Second one was a development thread

Now we’re creating a new better development thread going by a new gamemode name.

So whens this being released?


We are currently just finishing up the storyline, factions, jobs, and features planning atm. We will have this done this weekend. We have already started development on the map by our mapper Flyboi. Aswell as we have already started modeling our characters by our Modeler, The Sniper 9. No current ETA on release.

The Gamemode development it’s self will start within a week.