Stargate: World Wars

Then new line of the Stargate gamemodes! You may have heard of StargateRP, and how it’s just plain old roleplay. No real seriousness to it, and its LOADED with greifers, map exploits, and problems that were just too out of line to fix. Problems such as the SGC would never loose, always behind the iris. Goa’uld having an unlimited supply of power from their respawns, and the lovely “spawn killing”. Also, no one really wants to play as the small Tok’ra class. How boring is that if no one wants to really roleplay, but would rather DM?

I present, Stargate: World Wars.

World Wars is new in multiple ways. You have Atlantis and the Wraith. Each have their own “turf” so called. The wraith are stationed in a sleeping hive ship on a small forest world. On that forest world, is people, populating and living their lives as they go. All of the sudden, the wraith awaken, and start feeding. Atlantis is called up and this is where World Wars begins. Atlantis is able to send crews of puddle jumpers through their gate, and out a space gate above the forest planet. Then they fly down, land in strategic positions on the planet, and attack the wraith, trying to get to the core of the hive ship to eliminate them. The wraith, however, must protect their precious food bounty. They try to defend their forest planet, and possibly push the Atlantians back so they could get a stab at Atlantis itself.

If that’s a bit too long; didn’t read for you, ill sum it up:

Key Elements
Fight between Wraith and Atlantis
Atlantis’s goal is to reach the kill limit, or blow up the hive ship.
The Wraith’s goal is to reach the kill limit, or reach the ZPM in Atlantis.
Kill System
Chat System
Custom Spawn Locations (Simple console command to set)
Includes the Atlantis Crew and different Wraith builds (You can add more classes if you like)
Derma Controller
Roleplay compatible! (Includes many roleplay elements to roleplay while not fighting.)

What problems were fixed from StargateRP?
Many people faced problems in StargateRP, particularly the nonstop DM and no one just wanting to roleplay properly. Also, the lack of real win/lose. In StargateWW, these problems were solved in the coding level, and the mapping level. Mapping wise, there will be multiple way that the Wraith, or the Atlantians, can access each others bases. Coding wise, there is actually a killing system involved, because this gamemode is heavily based on a constant struggle between the Wraith and Atlantis. No more grieving needed!

When will this be released?
Well, its not fully released right now, but heres the SVN, just for you. You know I love you, the SVN link is on there.

If you have any bugs to report, please for the love of god, report them at mantis.

Score System 100% (May go away with the arrival of the Goal System)
Derma Menu 35%
Chat System 100% (Things could still be added?)
Goal System 30% (Premap given, I’m having fun with entities)
RP Elements 40%
Special Class Abilities 30%
VGUI 15% (KP3 is on this.)

** Test Server **
Click here to connect to StargateRP
Click here to connect to StargateWW

Required Addon’s for the servers:

Stargate (duh)
SGRP TC2 Content (

** NEWS **
If you want to read it every day or so, I’ll give updates on what I’m doing, and possibly svn access soon.

Bug reporting.

My twitter :3
My SVN hoster is linked to there, so all SVN commits will show up there.
If you have any bugs to report, please for the love of god, report them at mantis.

What maps will be available?
Like with StargateRP, there will be a line of maps that are proprietary to StargateWW. The map was originally was called rp_atlantis or rp_pegasus. I don’t know what name it will be, but I’m thinking it may be switched to ww_atlantis or something like that. But of course, other map makers are welcome to make maps for this gamemode.

What will happen to StargateRP?
I’ve been thinking to scrap StargateRP, if this is successful. It is much more superior to the old StargateRP, and can be converted to the SG-1 flavor if needed. It really all depends on how StargateWW performs, and if the idea works correctly.

Map link to Flyboi’s creation?
He hasn’t posted or created a thread about it yet, but I will put more information about his map and the link here.

Want to contribute?
Just plop your ideas in here! I am always happy to see people contributing ideas to this, it makes my life easier.


The current state of TheSniper9’s Wraith models.

Nice mate :smiley:

jus thinkin, how about and optional part, if ya got like 20 people on. once you die, your dead until your whole teams is or base destroyed? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh sweet.

I will host for this gamemode definitely. Just contact me thru steam (im [kk] Guniv) and ill give you FTP

also will this be based on anything ( simple game base, dark rp, etc)

Created from scratch.

And I might take you up on server hosting if I need a dev server or something. I have someone hosting StargateRP, and someone hosting WW soon.

Alright. dev or anything is ok :smiley:

Looks awesome…


I could make a map for you if i have some free time…

I’ll put screenshots up as soon as Flyboi finishes the pre map.

Don’t rush him. Looks much better when not rushed :smiley:

This looks pretty sweet. I was reading the post and I’m looking at the percent done and I’m like Ugh, only 56% done(overall), I’m gonna forget about it before it’s done. Then I realized that you posted like only half and hour ago. :smiley:

Not rushed at all, I’m coding like crazy, so many ideas.

This looks interesting, i always knew that some day someone would continue working on my creation and develop it further into something completely epic!


I can’t wait!

Regards, Pete (aka Myrrdin)

Will the wraith have custom models?

Don’t know yet. It depends on if someone will model them for us.

So you are going to make a life sucker hand sweap? if you do, can you rellease that early, i want to try it

Oh, very possible. Didn’t think of that yet.

Possibility to submerge Atlantis in the event of massive wraith bombardment?

According to Flyboi, Atlantis is already submerged due to whatever reason he deems fit.

I see,did not see that/nor look hard enough I guess,what about to surface it?

I don’t really like the idea of a kill limit. Because then nobody would go for the real goals, like stealling the ZPM or planting a nuke on the hive ship…