Stargate: World Wars



Stargate: Worlds At War is obviously a Stargate themed gamemode. It will be mostly team based work and northing like an Roleplay gamemode. There is different gametypes from Team DeathMatch to Free For All, just your basic gameplay types but makes this unique is that there is no other gamemode like this.

You will start out as a spectator on a server and given the choice to pick a team. Once you have chosen will then have a choice to pick a class. Once you have spawned you will start out with default weapons that can later be changed with other weapons that you have acquired other time. You will then find you self somewhere on a map in the middle of gunfire between 2 teams. The goal is to complete what ever task to given to your team and help each other out with supports and tactics.

The supports will be such things as shields that can shield 1 or more team members from gunfire and explosions, a turret that can placed by a team member to protect a point from enemy’s and personal cloaking devices that can be used to kill enemy’s from behind or destroy turrets.


Partially Complete
[X] Complete

[X] Team Selection
Class Selection
Random Weapon and Item Spawns ( Crates )
Ambient Music
Round System

When Will This Be Released?

When its done.

Want To Contribute?

Just post your ideas in here and I will happy to see them, this makes my life easier.

If you would like to assist with development please PM me.


Not just yet.


Good luck.

What does it have to do with Stargate? Just sounds like a generic team based shooter gamemode to me.

That is stargate themed.

It sounds good but it is hard to make a shooter game from SG. Stargate Resistance is a good example for it. But, of course, good luck

i can link you to stargate pack it has all stargate

I already know about it and wont be including it…