Stargate ZPM issue!

I have all of the necesary requirements. All of the life support 2 addons, all of the stargate addons, wiremod, etc. Yet, I still can’t figure out what or how the hell to use the power sources that I have (IE. ZPMS and Naquadah Generators) I can’t get any of them to link to the Stargates (Do in part to the fact that I can’t for the life of me figure out.) Also, how would I then make it so the stargates, (As well as any other piece of technology compatible) To be reliant on the ZPMS or Generators. Please give me a straight forward answer here as to how to connect the energy sources to the stargates.

Stargate’s originally required an energy source in order to function, but this was removed. It may be able to be fixed if you look through the code. It’s also the reason you can’t link a ZPM to a Stargate (the Stargate contains no life support data)