Can someone just give me a qucik and easy answer as to where i can download a Dial-able, Working, stargate? I dont give a CRAP about anything else. i just want the gate. Halp? and i chacked the stargate thread, the link i need isnt working

Being nicer towards us may get you what you want. And fix your bad grammar, i’ll havehave a search for a svn

Download SG.

Download the file (Use SVN), get the bits that make the Stargates, separate them from the rest, put them in a .zip file, upload it (give credit), and now other people won’t have to request this too.
Otherwise, just go up to the third step, but put them in a new file, and put them in your addons folder. Done.
Edit: Darnit, ninja’d a lot. Oh well…

Thats a direct link

Just downloaded that, doesnt work, has no gate.

EDIT: I may be wrong, i just downloaded the direct link and it has more stuff in it then the one i DL’d. :confused: ill test it.

Edit2: Nope.

GLua is a waste of bandwidth anyway. Use the SVN addresses and a SVN client such as Tortoise.

… but the Stargate SVN has been down for weeks. Glua is really your best option. It even says so on the first page of the Stargate thread!


Huh, didn’t notice it was down still :v:

this is something i have been looking for too, and working stargate weapons… but yeah, avon’s svn is down and i’ve tried all the other stuff and none of it includes one single working stargate, just either pieces or other stuff.

fuck, megaupload doesn’t work here, could you do a filefront link?

What do you mean? Also, no. It took me a few hours to upload that, and im not going to go back up to 1000 ping again soon.

Hey i can help you here… I had the same problem. When you download this the folder structure is all screwed up.
2 Folders need to be moved around
Go to your Addons folder and browse the 4 folders that were included in the SG Pack.
make sure that they dont have a duplicate folder within them if so move the content back in the correct location.
from …/Addons/catdaemon_stargate/catdaemon_stargate/
to …/Addons/catdaemon_stargate/
and check all 4

no man i meant megaupload (or rapidshare while i’m at it) doesn’t work at my current location, therefore i would need a filefront mirror in order to download.

Just use glua if the SVN doesn’t work. aVoN tells you to several times on the stargate thread:

yay, this time when i downloaded it it actually included the stargates and weapons.