Stargates Black?

Hello everyone,
I just moved computers (An xp pc to a vista laptop) and moved all my addons over and reinstalled garry’s mod. I decided to finally install svn instead of downloading old versions of addons. When I did this for stargate, though, now all of the stargates don’t have the water/ripple effect and are black! How can I fix this?
Many TIA.


It’s answered in the fucking readme, god dam it.

I don’t see a readme…
Was it in the NOTES folder? Because I deleted that…

Update the Stargate SVN. The readme stuff will reappear.

You can delete it later if you want, or just move those files somewhere else.

Hmmm, still no readme…
Could someone just tell me?

There is the NOTES folder, the addons folder, and then a bunch of random files.

one of them is the readme.

Find the FAQ section near the bottom.

Ahh, ok, found it.


It works now! Hmm, now I should stop skimming readmes and start reading them…
Thank you!