Stargates in Hammer editor?

Is it possible to place Stargates in Hammer editor for the Stargate addon?

Should be as long the map is for Garry’s Mod, you have got Stargate addon and you know the stargate’s entity name.

I could be wrong!

Searching is a wonderful tool, I’ll sum the post up, Just postion the gates in gmod, and in the readme of the addon there should be a console code so you can have the gates spawn in the map where you placed them.

You linked to me, :haw: But yes, I am right there, it comes with it installed in stargate mod, I just can’t for the life of me remember the console command that creates the file.

There is a fgd file in the stargate-pack but it might be outdated. It allows you to place the gates in hammer.

But you might better use the gatespawners instead (and place the gates ingame). Probably you could also include the gate-spawner file into the map. I never tested it, but bspzip packing might work.


I nearly forgot: the current gatespawner is not working anymore.
Contact me via PM so I can send you an updated file.

I can’t find the .FGD file but what i did is put the stargate ent. name but it showed a guy with his thum up anyway i egnored that and foundout that the guy was in the middle of the stargate (but the guy didnot now in gmod)

but the adress and name was blank