staring call of duty black ops zombies mod

things i will be adding guns from zombies

maps even the new ones

the guys u plays as

just need some one to do the guns

and the guys i will do the maps i will give full creds to u if u help :slight_smile:

Do you have any maps to show us?

If you can do a decent map I’m sure some of us will be willing to do some guns for you.

If this is real, fine; Good luck. But if it isn’t real, sarcastic joke thread’s aren’t really that funny any more and are just a repeated joke that’s getting old. (Real versions are still funny xD)

i am doing five then moon now

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i am doing five then moon now i will have pic soon :wink:

What language is that? For sure it’s not English.

/Optopic: Pics or didn’t happen.