STARS Bravo Team

Hey guys this is my first upload in the releases thread anyway I have something resident evil based for you all:

alternate link:

EDIT: Version 1.2 is now ready for download Several fixes have been done these are detailed below:
*Forest’s arm is fixed
*Richards Vest is fixed
*Becca’s Hair alpha channel is fixed
*Becca’s earings are fixed
*All Models minus Richard have Eye Posability
*Fixed stray Vert with Kenneth when right arm was bent
*All members boots are fixed
*Kenneth’s vest that was not showing is now fixed.
*Enrico now has alpha channeled hair

FIlefront Link: link:

Any problems reply in this thread or the main wip thread.

This pack contains the stars bravo team from captain enrico marini too medic rebecca chambers as ragdolls.

Things that are too be added in the following few days:
*Face flexes
*improved finger posability(if needed)
*Eye posability

credits goto the following people:

*Dev/Ghostline for the extractor program used otherwise none of this would be possible.
*Capcom for making the resident evil series and making the most of the character models in this pack.
*Rusty for creating custom models of kevin dooley,forest speyer, reviving edward and kenneth.
*Mariokart64n for providing the richard and zombie edward model that rusty revived
*Mrwhitefolks for testing these guys out
*Me(DSdxp/dxp) for rigging all the models and ripping Enrico and Rebecca

Feel free too come up with any poses etc, use these anyway you want if your gonna use any of these models in anything give credits too the guys above and that’s about it enjoy these any problems pm me, reply too this thread or the thread i started which can be found here:

have fun guys ^_^.

Huzzah! Good job Dsdxp! You did a wonderful job too.

Excellent !

nice man keep up the good work!

Tasty, it’s finally out.

dsdxp: Feel free to use any (or all) of my test shots I did for your release in the first post. :smiley:

Win! Great job, guys! I’ll test 'em out now!

Edit: Love the hell out of 'em, so easy to use! Posing is great, flexible and no real issues - not to mention they look GREAT. My one little gripe is that becca’s earrings are missing, and you can see her hair through the holes. But otherwise, a kickass job!

wow less replies here than there are ragdolls in the pack.
did FP die, or are there no resident evil fans left anymore?

Well, anyone who was following this already left comments on the WIP thread.

or are lurkers/leechers, silently watching/downloading, like myself.

Very good job there chaps.

Thanks guys done alot of updates on the first post >.< as for the hair think i’ve figured out why when i was tinkering around with the alpha channel i forgot too add the one i was gonna release with the pack so what ended up been uploaded was the one with cuts in the hair don’t worry simple fix like the earrings.

I am no longer going to help Dsdxp, and this is the real deal, and don’t you fucking dare say i fucking did not fucking help, I did, you can even fucking ask the fucking man himself. Farewell.

that a lot of the word fuck there D:

Nice job almightyone and dsdxp.

No I didn’t help him with the Bravo pack, I scratched a little on the alpha team pack, that is it.

I will wait for the improvements to be made. Any idea on an estimated time of completion?

hopefully within the next few days i’ll post updates in the main wip thread so check there.

Cool, thanks. Downloading. If I’m bored maybe I can fix fingerposing for you.

Nice. and thanks.

When I reinstall gmod, this will be my first download

OH MY COD! FOREST! /barry.
Finally a pack with all of Bravo team