Starship Mario (Mario Galaxy 2)

C’mon, who wouldn’t want to ride on a ship designed to be Mario’s big smug face?

I’d just want the ship ripped, not the characters on it.
(Though Yoshi may be an exception)

The Faceship might be a bit tricky to port to GMod. When I checked its model, it had 48k polygons and about 38 textures, which is more than the Source engine can handle per model…

not really,there are ways to do it

Ah, right. Like the way you had gotten the Killer Croc in by making a few parts as a separate bodygroup, right? And the textures could be grouped together with the UV mappings modified.

So, I take that back, then. It can be ported, but a little extra work will need to go into it.

yeah, plus the textures are gray scaled and use shaders to display the color

…well, that was quick. XD

Hope to see some great progress as it goes along! :slight_smile: