Starship Troopers - Arachnids

I’ve been hoping for a long time that someone would take on the challenge of making some proper models/npcs of the Arachnids from Starship Troopers. Most attempts either die before they get off their feet (like most requests), or end up being ugly as sin and/or glitchy as hell.

The focus was on trying to extract the models from the 2005 video game developed by Strangelite Studios, models which could then be properly rigged, reskinned, etc. And thanks to our awesome friend nOVa (pronounced God) who has managed to succeed in starting to rip some of the models from the game we’re well on the way to having some real Arachnid models… and eventually some npcs.

Baby plasma bug
Plasma bug
Morita (shotgun)
Morita (grenade)
Multiple Rocket Launcher
Dropship (small)
Dropship (open)

As you can see a lot of these will probably need reskinning, some may need some touch-up modelling, and of course all of them will need proper rigging, animations, etc… but this is huge progress! theres 1 down dude

Yes, I’ve seen that one (the mega pack snpc I referred to), I included the warrior on the list mainly if anyone wants to take a stab at doing a new model.

The arachnid warrior NPC’s have well…they fell apart. The arachnid warrior model works fine, it looks great and is cannon to the movie. However, the arachnid NPC available right now is dumb as a sack of bricks. It has only 1 attack animation and the walking animations are horrid. Not to mention they give off that looped sound effect when ever spawned that must be the computer’s version of nails on a chalk board.

Now, as I remember, the was a starship troopers game that came out not to long ago and a thread requesting a port of at least the arachnid models from it did appear here on face punch. The request was never answered, however, even though it had several pages of support backing this request.

Another thing that should be pointed out in the creation of these npc’s (if done at all, I am afraid to say) would be that the AI would need a good bit of work over the oddly similar antlions of hl2 and its corresponding episodic sequels.

Let me explain. When you jump into a bunker on a map (say rp_badlands_day, from Epsilon sstrp) antlions simply run near the windows of the bunker yet dont actually do anything. The antlion guard will only attack an enemy at a certain distance and will stand dumb struck in the same spot when an opponent is not in its range. The list goes on…

Still, I hope for the sake of all those sst fans out there that these are made.

NPCs would be fantastic, unfortunately it’s never going to happen until someone makes some actual models. :\

would it be possible to "borrow the models from that starship troopers fps? I, however, dont think it actually had rag doll physics so what little i know of…computery…stuff…tells me it may be a bit harder then that.

The ragdolling thing is irrelevant for porting as all the games use different methods for ragdolling (if they even do) anyway. All you need is to be able to rip or extract the models from the game/game files, the rest can be figured out by a modeller/rigger (if one is willing to help, not that i’m volunteering, i’m buzy atm :P)

If you ever take a look at the models from that game you might take that suggestion back haha

The models from the game would make a good starting point if someone wanted to extract them then enhance them.

well, then…who’s gonna do what ever…he…just said… I have seen the models and they look DMAMN good. Anyone who is a fan of sst and has not played it MUST go and buy it, bad ass game.

Ahm, back on track. At this point, the main idea is to port the models from the game, then screw with them to the point where they are usable models for an NPC or even as a simple rag doll. How this will be done is beyond me. hell, while their at it, possibly port the guns too hint, hint

Before I forget, the game’s plasma bug is different from the plasma bug of the movie and miniature game. the plasma sack is covered by plates in the game if I remember correctly.

If somebody gets the models from the Starship Troopers game(I have it :D) i’d glady skin/texture it, as i just got blender working and am currently re texturing with photoshop

Starship Troopers (2005) is one of the worst rated games of the last 5 years, one of the main reasons was because of the outdated, awful graphics/models.

and, by today’s standards, doom has shit graphics. Looking beyond graphics, it was strait forward bug killing action. a nice simple game. Whats wrong with that?

now, the models are there, they are cannon (except for the plasma, meh) and there is atleast one bug model for each arachnid you listed, Miyamoto, and then some. The Tiger bugs, fire flys, rock mites, ect.
it is a solid game with cannon models.

I guess models could work if they were ‘enhanced’ like Hunter said

… and reskinned so they didn’t all look like glossy McDonalds toys :stuck_out_tongue:

If we can just find someone who can extract the models.

wouldn’t mind having the models from all the other bugs in the game, and not just the ones listed on the thread (as in the fire fly, tiger bug, royal, x-bug, cliff mite, tiger spit, and the few others I cant remember)

still, I think it should come well if some one can do it…that some one being anyone BUT me…

What settings were you playing with? Looks like it when I was playing it on my craptop.

Ah nevermind. Just saw the GameSpot logo…must have been low settings.

Might be. Though the quality of the original models won’t matter as much if they can be extracted, enhanced, and reskinned.

Exactly, and on that note, any one going to start extracting these models?

Well does anyone (besides you) actually have the game?

Nazi cookie said he had it…