Starship Troopers: Kick some Ass

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Welcome to the Starship Troopers: Kick Some Ass work in progress thread.

Questions and Answers

What is Starship Troopers: Kick some Ass?

It is a gamemode for Garry’s Mod that is based around the novel Starship Troopers, and the film by Paul Verhoeven.

What will happen in this gamemode?

Players will take the roles of the Mobile Infantry, the military in Starship Troopers, to go to hostile planets and kill their enemies, the Arachnids.

When will it be finished?

This is a very large gamemode, and will take some time to complete. We may or may not get it finished this year.


Dropship WIP

Med Bay

Gate from Hangar to Armoury


Crew Quarters

Assault Course

Fork’s Rocks


Weapons- 50%(On what has been made so far)
Enemies- 100%(Currently only one Arachnid, thanks to Xystus ;))
Maps- Work in Progress.

•Half-Life 2: Episode One
•Counter-Strike: Source
•Garry’s Mod[:downs:]

Ideas for the future

•Working objective system.
•Map in-game to help players around levels.
•Tactical Nuke Launcher

The Team
•CMB Unit 01- Head Lua Coder
•Metallics- Head Mapper
•Forkman- Skinner and Texture Creator
•Luke-NAESA- Mapper
•ChewGum- Lua Coder

Feedback is welcome from all those new to the thread and those who have been here since it’s opening.

Last Updated: 14/12/08 (British Date Format)

There already is several marine models out there, do some searching. And the halo assault rifle looks fairly like the morita.

Yeah, I know. But I would prefer to have some new content out.

You aren’t claiming this to be yours?

Or claiming you made any progress right.

Naw, that’s just a refernce picture for the modellers. I’m sure they could make a MUCH BETTER job of it than that :v:
Half RP Half Combat.


you didn’t mention me.

and, the Half RP Half Combat thing. doesn’t really work.

We’re going for an ALL combat.

hence the name.

I’m the tester :smiley:

Play Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy.

It has many different types of weapons and armour/exoskeletons plus vehicles too.
I haven’t unlocked all weapons in the game yet, perhaps you could get more info from a walkthrough for this game than from me.

Some names of some more weapons

PRISM Lightrifle - shoots big continuous laser
Morita Smartrifle - the “Morita” duhh
Morita Chaincannon - stubby little 3 barrel minigun
MXL Grenade launcher - looks like a panzerfaust
MR 59 Missile Launcher - big rectangular box
MR 70 Nuke launcher - (in the movie) looks kinda like a silver rpg
Specimen Capture Weapon - Makes a forcie field ball around a bug, which is then picked up by a small ship
SOLARIS Lightcannon - big powerful gun, fairly rapid firing, slow flying lasers
MD-790 Combat Shotgun - a boring old shotty
Lucifuge Flamethrower - a flamerthrower, duuh

I can provide screenshots of these guns, and the exosketeton types too if you want them?
If you want to use any of these guns I can get in-game screenshots of them firing. I will only get these if you are going to use the gun in the gamemode cause it is too much work for something that you might not even use.

I would help map, but I am an absolute beginner at it.

PS: There is also another type of dropship, looks very simlar but people enter from the sides, and the soldier compartment looks as if it is a part of the ship, and non-detatchable.

(I enjoy informative ratings)

Thanks for all the replies. This will not be a very urgent project for me, so don’t expect it any time soon.

Okay, folks. I’m currenlty working on some of the coding. I’m doing the Morita Rifle at the minute, so I will need a modeller at a closer date to the release to get the real model for it :wink:


There is already a Morita model out, it can do some re-skins and done.

Yeah, I have it. I might just ask to use it, I guess.

This would be awesome if it was made.

It will :keke:

Oh, combine, I just remembered. I am semi-decent with skinning.

well, I’m good with Photoshop. and I need to learn how to texture.

so, you can put me up for skinner. cause I need to learn how to skin.


I like this idea, but i never understood why they don’t just nuke the planets with the bugs.

Well, it wouldn’t be terribly fun colonising the planet after that, now would it :v:


I’m good at this :v:

I see you need a mapper, talk to me.