Starship Troopers Themed RP

"The image that sums SST up in one."

I’ll sell the idea to you, short and sweet:
[li] Good, constant gameplay. We spent a while adapting and fixing Lazermaniac’s Bahamut (though mostly fixes to be honest: did you know that he used displacements for ropes? Compile time before heavy optimisation was > 3 days with 8GB RAM’d Xeon.) so when we’re not doing a mission, there’s plenty of room for passive RP and developing your characters.[/li] [li] Should you get bored with passive onboard the ship (we named it the TFBF Audie Murphy), there’s several divisions in which you can make new characters and get involved with new RPs such as Fleet - who handle navigating and maintaining the ship, or Military Intelligence - who do fuck all (yeah, fuck you Reaver).[/li] [li] Quite a lot of custom content (though it was mostly released with the SST gamemode), including custom SWEPs, custom maps, custom models and so on.[/li] [li] A large and dedicated player-base; I’ve rarely seen the server with less than eight people on unless it’s at the void where American’s are going to sleep and European’s are (in the tradition of gamers everywhere) busy lurching for their snooze buttons (which is ironically right now). In other words, any time except between about 09:00 GMT to 13:00 GMT[/li][/ul]

"See you on the bounce, trooper."


So you’re part of xalphoxrp. Good luck with that one.

WOW Cool :smiley: (also, kurske is epic fail)

Cool, I guess Ill try it out. The kurske thing was a bit funny.

Okay, I know next to nothin’ about SST, and was wondering if your name IC had to be from the movies…
I don’t think it has to but I’m not 100% sure and would like to find out before I make a fool of myself on the server.
Thanks in advance.

I have tried something like it. All we did was sit around the ship. Never battled aleins.

same here, they don’t even give you the full tutorial.

Just replied to your response over in the SSTRP gamemode release topic, and i’ll admit; after the initial Tacoscript menu stuff and all, it does dump you into the server without any sort of instructions, guidelines, or help (besides the Tacoscript menu for the commands, but that doesn’t count).

You could ask for help in OOC, but the cooldown kinda hinders that, and more than often enough a new player has meant well, asked for help in OOC, then get told to bug off / are ignored / taunted for ‘being a noob’. Sigh, nothing’s perfect I guess.

Sorry; You fixed up bahamut?


Also, it was > 1 week before func_viscluster.

This was the total opposite to my welcome. I came onto the server, was welcomed by a well respected player who sorted out my flags and stuff, and then after 10 minutes on the server ( for the first time) was launched straight into a misssion! We ended up holding off hordes of bugs in a base.

And for the guy who said there is lots of boring, hanging around the ship, I’m gonna tell you you got to make things happen. Earlier tonight, it was me and 2 other recruits on (I lost connection to the server before the end of the mission and have not seen the admin who was on who will give my private flags) and I organised a really fun, but quite serious drills session, where we did shooting and manouvering drills. With only 2 hours play time on this server, I can already say it is EPIC Full Stop

This is quite a bump, but if the name was Nikolai Pacheco, that was me. I tend to do that a lot. :v:

Anyhow, yeah.

Check us out.

And as for the sitting around bit: Quit whining. It’s not meant to be soley pewpew shoot bugs, the passive RP is there for a reason. And on average the time in between missions is no more than an hour and a half most of the time, usually less. Besides, when I’m on, I try to get my sergeant character to do drills or other interesting things for the troops.

Holy jesus bump, I would’ve just made a new thread, but yeah the RP here is great. It’s not just shoot em up, there’s alot of passive in it. I’m not even in the community and I can say this, I’d check them out. Sorry for adding to the bump.

I can’t even play the rp. It gives me ‘bad password’

No it wasn’t you it was the late, great Ens. Wolf

I love Rp I love Starship troopers, so… whats not to love :smiley:

I found out I was on the old, dead server XD

But when I joined some guy joined but failed the quiz, another timed out, and someone left right after they joined. So I was bored. But some guy prop surfed.

EDIT: No, he just spawned blue barrels to get somewhere. I forgot what prop surfing is. :facepalm:

The server is alright, I think it’s gotten better since they split from Necro. Earlier we did a lot of bug hunts, but now they do more ship passive, a bit lame really. SST is about killing bugs, not sitting around playing the “OC” on a ship.

“not sitting around playing the “OC” on a ship”

ha ha ha nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I play a Rct. there.

Got half of my face scarred to oblivion, took some shots from a skinny, and have yet to get a promotion.


Either way, the RP is fantastic.

I played this server once i think… I asked where i sign up to be a trooper. Admin banned me for talking. I mean WTF?!