StarShipTroopers TANKER BUG

I’m in a SST Server and it would be appreciated if someone could make A Star Ship Troopers Tanker NPC/RAGDOLL.
It has,Cutting Jaws.Bio-Corrosive Spray Range,sweep capable like a flamethrower. Fluid is also quite flammable, in the movie the creature obviously creates sparks to ignite this fluid.
And can stomp on enemies close-by.

I’m sure there are plenty pics to find on the internet.Thank you.

Uff this is a tall order mate, first you need a modeler, who’s willing to make the model from Scrath.(Unless there is a game with this model on it, a recent game), then you someone that makes it a SNPC, which will require making tons of animations for it, and coding the AI and shit.

You will have to wait a while a guess :P, ohh and Welcome to facepunch.
(Its your first post so I guess it is your first time around here)