Starstreak THOR

Well it isn’t anything really special, quite simple really, I just wanted to spice up the forums a bit since they’ve been somewhat dull lately…

cool vehicle i really like
you are right about hte forums being dull too

does it shoot babies
By the way you like joysticks

yes, it shoots babies…

Fucking godawful material.

Other than that, it’s awesome.


May I make a suggestion:

Make the material Klab or something along those lines, and make the windows a plain material, and make it a dull blue/gray mix, and make it really transparent. It’ll look loads better.

Material inside could use some work too. Anything but that shitty phx material…

OH and fake wheelwells would be awesome for the interior, it looks a little ugly.

thanks, thats probably the nicest thing i’ve ever seen you say lol…


Am I really that much of a dick?


^yes >:C


Sugar, Spice, and Uber pwnage MISSILE LAUNCHERS!

Just looks a bit boring to me, though I’m sure that map doesn’t help

It’s a bit blocky, but who cares? I’m pretty sure it runs, guns, and kills things. That’s really all that matters. I don’t like the color scheme tho. Arctic Cammo would look nice. Windows are too blue. Other than that, nice party van.

I don’t know you, bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Your contraptions = me horny

little weird looking.

on a side note, I made an old tank into a GDC tank, and I have to say, gcombat is still terrible. It took kyle and I a good 5 minutes of firing nearly point blank to render one of us “disabled”. during this neither of us could see anything and were laughing our asses off.

Worst map ever. I don’t understand why you keep playing it on the server.
Contraption is pretty nice. It’s a bit blocky looking though, however they are blocky in real life so whatever. I’d say that this isn’t one of your best contraptions.

Do its starstreaks behave like real ones?

As in large missile that fires three small darts from itself?

no but it shoots, which is enough

Scale is just fucked up