start game with only physgun and toolgun?

how do you do that thing i just said? you start without any weapons, shouldnt there be a box to tick for that somewhere? or doo i need to type something in the console?

maybe download an admin pack or something? I’ve done this before and was confused then I noticed it was an admin pack I downloaded so maybe try that, or just wait for others to reply something :stuck_out_tongue:

sbox_weapons 1

Start up your game, Click single player, click the options tab and under sandbox settings untick ’ start with weapons ’
Hope that helped =D

well i looked there, but the tick box wasnt there! D:

I know evolve does this. Sbox_weapons 1

Evolve messes up alot of things, to be honest.

I’m having the same problem, but what is Evolve? (Noob question I guess)

It’s a shitty admin mod

works great for me and my server. I love the menu. Otherwise its mildly invasive, but not bad.

Do you have day of defeat and counter strike? That might help with models and stuff, but besides that, I don’t know. Are you in sandbox game mode in single player?

In your opinion.

How about copying the ‘sandbox’ folder in Garry’s Mod… go to the Shared.lua or the init.lua, cant remember and remove the lines saying: give ply: weapon_crossbow etc, these are the weapons clients get on spawn

or… you just install an Admin mod, like ASSMod or ULX


ASSMod is strongly discouraged - it’s no longer maintained, and last I was aware it was broken.

ULX has worked beautifully for me. I believe there’s an addon on the Ulysses forums (ULX home forum) that does what you need. Personally recommended.

I hear Evolve and Exsto are nice, and there are some who swear by Citrus. But I don’t know if they have a weapon loadout setup.

Just pick your poison.

if you REALLY want to get technical you can goto your init.lua in your sandbox gamemode and change the DefaultLoadout

I had the same issue too,thanks gents.

At least it’s better than something completely half broken and 90% ugly flashy GUI like Exsto or something that doesn’t even save bans correctly, has no chat commands, and has very little concommand wiggle room like ASSMod.

Nothing’s really as solid as ULX’s stable release is though. We’ve been using the same ULX version for about a year now with no issues at all. The only things it really lacks are MySQL support and a way to disable the version number chat notifications every 60 seconds and the MOTD without me having to manually go in and comment them out (no, ulx_showmotd doesn’t work like that.)

finally some help ty

function GM:PlayerLoadout(ply)

     if ((!ply:IsSuperAdmin()) && (!ply:IsAdmin()) then

Not sure if this will work but it might.

It should strip everyone except admins of their weapons and give them a toolgun, physgun and camera.