"Start New Game" menu freeze on player count change

Hi all, I got back into GMod after half a year and I was greeted with a somewhat of an obnoxious problem here. At home on my Desktop with Windows 7, the game runs fine without any problems. But recently when I installed GMod on my Laptop running Xubuntu x64 14.04 when I change the player count in “Start new game” the menu will lock up. The menu background still changes and I can run commands in console(and open console) but the actual menu interface itself is unresponsive until I reload it(menu_reload). After the menu has been reloaded “Start New Game” does nothing when I click it(Other then stay highlighted), after I click it twice the game crashes.

When I connect to a multiplayer game, then click “Start new Game”(After I restart the game ofc) after I connect to a server, the same problem occurs as well. But the game itself is still responsive and I can close the menu and resume playing multiplayer without any problems, but once again the menu itself is unresponsive and won’t work unless it’s reloaded. Everything else on the menu appears to be working properly even after it was reloaded other then “Start new game”. Once I click “Start new game” after the menu reload the menu freezes the first time, the second time the game either crashes or nothing happens.

Not too sure what the problem is. The game has been ran without any mods, the cache has been checked multiple times and the game has been reinstalled without any improvements.

The notebook is an Asus K55A running an Intel Core i3 3110M and an Intel HD 4000, and OpenGL version installed is OpenGL 3.0. OS is Xubuntu 14.04 on kernel 3.13.0-43-generic x86_64(64 bit).

The problem is that there is a bug with Awesomium which is used for Main Menu that causes the thing to crash in some cases. You will need to wait until the thing is updated in GMod to the latest version.

I see, I assumed it was a problem with the menu but I wasn’t too sure. Alright then the best thing I suppose is to wait until the issue has been fixed. Thanks

You can install this Lua menu that does not use Awesomium for the time being: