"Start of the end" . Tank with soldiers invading a city.

These modelz are badass!

Awesomesauce music to support the visual footage:


Bonus; You could call it “FIlter raep” but it reminded me really much of the Red Alert 3 cutscenes, so i’m posting it anyways:

(can’t Media tag bonus?)

I’m not a fan of the whole left side and muzzleflash, but I like the overall

Yay for over the top smoke!


Should I post this in the badass competition? I can’t decide since tanks aren’t to badass.

Comment please.

Nice picture. Where can i get the Tank :q:

Crysis Models, in the Models Section.


I took a liberty of editing it a bit more :awesomelon:


Looks good, but i don’t like the smoke, and the color of the tankshot is utter shit to me.

I like the smoke, but the muzzleflash is way too yellow.

though posing is a bit iffy

Cool, but where is the tanks shadow?

That thread music sound fa… :rant:

no shadow underneath the tank -_-

Dammit, I knew something made the tank stick out to much!

Now can I get some C&C on the tank’s fail’d muzzle?
I need to improve.