Start with clothing?

I personally have no problem with nudity. Where I find the issue if the practicality. Here are some reasons i think you should start out with tattered clothing that off no protection:

1.** Youtube.** Many big youtubers fear posting Rust because of the nudity and this prevents free advertisements and prevents some great series from being made

  1. Makes no sense. If you were some random survivor in the wilderness you wouldn’t be naked. You would start out with clothes with i think should be ruined by the time you control your character. It would look really cool and make a whole lot more sense.

3.** People who can handle it, but rather not.** People who aren’t mature enough to be able to handle the sight of a penis shouldn’t be playing the game in the first place. But when it gets to the point where it’s kind of embarrassing to tell people about the game I think it becomes unnecessary.

It’s not a bad thing, I think people who don’t mind it wont care if its change and people who do mind it will be made happy. It’s a win win for everyone. Think about it.

Are you 12? you’re embarrassed to tell your friends that you start in a game naked in a post apocalypse world? Personally, to me it doesn’t change a thing if you’re naked or not, the same way my guy could have a scar or not. The youtube argument made somewhat of sense, but I’m pretty sure that the rust dev team are well aware of it and decided to keep the nakedsexyness over the youtube advertisement.

These aren’t personal problems, im just statins plausible reasons why it should be taken out. The first two are really my opinion.

Just have an option to turn it on and off, what u see that is.

and ofc i have to add this just for lols :slight_smile:

What would come up a little censor bar lol

Ahh no, the vid was ment for starting naked, but if u turn it off ppl just have alittle thing on so u cant see anything…

and ofc the vid is ment to inspire the dev’s to add girls to the game… :wink:

In that case nudity is fine with me. I dont see the issue anymore you’ve convinced me.

I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres no background as far as I know that being naked would make sense. We were knocked out and stripped of all our clothes and left alone in this zombie infested area? I’d prefer everyone start with some cheap cloth clothing. If people choose to take it off and go naked… so be it. But its ridiculous seeing so many naked people running around, and not by choice.

Exactly what i was thinking

It’s not going to happen.

why is that?

Because this thread has basically been creating several times and always rejected.

Because Garry replied to a thread just like this one, he said “NOPE” Garry wants them to start out naked.

If there has been made several times and i guess this wont be the last thread on it maybe there is an issue then

Don’t want dicks in the game? Make your own game, if people aren’t mature enough to see dicks without complaining that’s their deal, but if Garry wants dicks in the game, there will be dicks in the game

  1. Fuck Youtube. Youtube can suck my dick. Fuckin’ piece of shit.

  2. The game is gonna change, there might actually be a reason for us to start naked. The rumor is no more zombies, maybe aliens. So we don’t even have a real story yet.

  3. The average of gamers is like 35 nowadays, there is nothing wrong with video games made for adults. I wouldn’t let my kids watch at least half the games I play.