Started a New Server Need Developers (scripters)

Hi Guys i have made a server on gmod it is a deathrun server i need some developers or some people to help out or if no one is willing to could u please help me i got the point shop for gmod but when u win or kill the player as death or runner u dont get money for the point shop if some one could tell me how to fix this or send me a good shop that would be helpfull Thanks

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hi im a L.U.A coder i can edit darkrp shippments and i no how 2 install mods from and i wud leik to be adman on ur server and be a part of ur server!!!1

I’ll help, what you do is go onto yahoo answers, and ask how to get your flux capacitor up to 450 that way, it will add it onto the forcepath of the file. Then once you have the files you’d make sure your tires are deflated exactly half way, or it will not work. contact me when you have done this.

Yes script no bahasa enrish lua good bad english