Started a new server, need help setting it up [screenshots]

Hello, I’ve recently started my own server, and I’d like for it to run DarkRp on the map city18. I’ve downloaded DarkRp, and I’m certain that I’ve installed it correctly, but I need help with setting it as the gamemode for the server.

Since I’m paying for a server hosting service, I’ll be supplying screenshots of my control panel, with hopes that someone will help me to find the right directory (sorry if the text is hard to read):

Here is my main menu:

These are my files (file manager):

Config files:

I posted these screenshots so that I could be helped as quickly as possible.

• Where would I change the gamemode? In one of the config files?

• What exactly is FTP?

• How would I set the map from the control panel?

• I’ve been trying to follow this to learn how to grant admin status to myself and others:

“superadmin” //This is a user group. Groups are useful to LUA coders.
“garry” “STEAM_0:1:7099” //Garry is a user in the superadmin group.
“User2” “STEAM_0:1:8001337” //To be the server admin, your Steam ID should go here

"admin" //Another user group.
	"garry"			"STEAM_0:1:7099"    //Your ID could go here as well without a significant decrease in admin power.


should all of the titles in the text document be in parenthesis? Are the IDs next to the user names the unique steam IDs that must be obtained by typing “status” into the console when on gmod? Is there an easier way of making others admins later on?

I’ve downloaded the ULX admin mod, will that work immediately, once I give myself admin status?

New questions are to be added later, thank you in advance.

Your steam id please so we can have a more “Live” chat as it will be quicker and easyer

I just PMed it to you, as I wouldn’t like to display it publicly. Hopefully we can set it up sometime this week.

You Using UkGame?

From the looks of it looks like Xenon servers

Wouldn’t it be great if we had server owners that knew what they were doing


Too bad people knowing what they are doing is a thing unknown to man.