Started making a DarkRP server, i got ideas, made them, now it's your time to shine!

So recently i started making a DarkRP server which will probably soon start…
Here is the catch, i don’t wan’t my server to be full of cancer and haters. I wan’t the communities voice to be in my server, so here is where you take place, yeah, YOU.
I will now show you some ideas that my server currently has, and you will either: Fix them, like them, suggest more or simply add something to the idea. Right, here goes (Wall of text inc.) :

  1. My server won’t have any VIPs, payed admin powers or any sort of that stuff. If people like the server and they feel generic, they can donate. With that they will get some extra stuff added to they’re F4 buy menu. (Not a donator job.)
  2. Small and low-damage weapons will be sold by an NPC for a reasonable price. Same goes with bullets.
  3. You won’t be able to buy ammo from F4.
  4. No "Admin on Duty or “VIP on duty” jobs.
  5. Admins from around the world, so that the server could be moderated 24/7.
  6. Custom entities and printers. Weapons maybe too.
  7. Police won’t be able to arrest unless violator is handcuffed. (WIP Idea, add more here.)
  8. No /advert raid or /advert mug bullshit. Use your mic ffs. It is RP afterall.
  9. Thiefs and other jobs that can raid will NEED to buy lockpicks and keypad crackers. After all we aren’t born with fucking lockpicks and keypad crackers in our asses, are we?
  10. People who help the server, either by reporting or helping catch a rulebreaker/cheater will be rewarded with temporary loot.
  11. No music at the loading screen. :v:
  12. Not many jobs, not many addons (Over 20, if not counting some custom stuff.)
  13. The police WON’T get any weapons at start.
  14. Gundealers can buy guns for themselves, however, of course, if RDMING, they will be banned.
  15. An NPC will sell extra stuff to thieves ONLY.

This is the dream DarkRp server good luck making it my dude.

The extra stuff on donations should be limited to aesthetic items (Maybe a hat and a chat tag for example).

No admin sits, reported players should be spectated by an admin (Sits lead to lying and are usually unfair).

Also kids usually lie on their apps and searching their SteamID can show up old apps to crosscheck info.

Or if you have programmers you could do a CW style logging system or something

Don’t wanna be that guy but holy shit, did you do that on purpose? In that case, it’s a “their”, not a “they are”

Also, allow citizens to have small caliber weapons so thief won’t be the only OP job anymore

English isn’t my first language

Good luck mate!

We won’t be doing any apps currently since… i have a list of people who will moderate the server.

(Trust no-one)

Applying for staff is bullshit as a whole. You pick them yourself if you see them fit, you don’t have them apply to get command powers.

A handful of suggestions:

  • Change Random Deathmatch to Deathmatching. The term “RDM” is literally aids and needs to die. Deathmatching sounds a lot more mature than ARR DEE EHM.

  • Allow donators access to “Duplicate jobs”. What these would be are donator versions of their free versions, exclusive to donators. They would have NO gameplay benefits over their free version (same sweps on spawn, same salary, same ents, same rules, same models), except for the fact that they act as reserved slots for donators. Think of its as a “Thanks for donating, here is a set of slots just for people that are generous like you.”

  • Keep your rules short and sweet. If I have to scroll my mouse wheel more than one full scroll to read all the rules, I’m not going to read them. Also emphasize the key words in the rules, so I can glance over them.

  • Force your staff to report every ban (with evidence, be it video/screenshot/chat logs/console logs) to your forums, for everyone to see. Invalid reports result in unbans.

  • For the love of all that is holy, encourage police to handle small-time deathmatchers. If somebody killed one guy, that’s a job for the cops. If somebody has killed several people, and keeps doing this every time he is unarrested or every time he respawns, then its a job for the staff. Otherwise you won’t get anyone going cop.

  • Don’t make cop a job that you must vote for. Police chief? Yes. Mayor? Yes. <InsertCriminalGangNameHere> Boss? Yes. But not for anything else (unless it too is a leader or a decision making job).

  • Instantly ban anyone offering leaked scripts. Those guys aren’t cool, they need to know that.

  • No loading music. Unless you know how to code an option to disable it when joining. I don’t want to hear your shitty dubstep, nor do I want to hear your swing or your reggae or your classical or your metal or your rock or your techno or your deathgrips or your vaporwave or your nightcore… Just NO loading music.

  • As much as it pains me to say it, use RP_downtown_v4c. Otherwise you wont get players.

  • Right from the get-go, use MySQL for storing player data. Reasons for: Easy backups (you can set it up as a cron job or just run a script that saves them somewhere), multi-server support, easier to manually edit shit should you need to for whatever reasons, easy to show stats on the loading screen. Reasons against: DarkRP doesn’t play nice when it loses connection, recommend hosting the MySQL server on the same box as your server/s.

Those are all the suggestions I have for now.

Thanks for these :smiley:

Nice concept.Harder said than done however.Need some graphix done?

Don’t make criminal job, you don’t want a thief running around the street, just make citizen have access to illegal item and they will choose their way to be a thief or not

If this is as good as it sounds, I think I might need to get back into DarkRP again. Good luck man

Well DarkRP is a good gamemode if you do it right and well, no raging kids