Started my day with an empty inventory...

And due to the decaying, half my house was gone.

But all was not lost, as there were plenty of decaying houses around me. With the clothes on my back and some food to eat, I set out to find things amongst the decay.

After about an hour, I had accrued enough to build an entirely new house.

I guess I have the downtime to thank for this. Thanks again, garry, you have restored my faith in this game. :smile:

(User was banned for this post ("cliff-hanger thread title" - postal))


Yeah I was pretty lucky. I made about 75 wooden planks so far so I can start building my new house. in order to get those pesky storage boxes above ground I had to make ramps though.

You should make a shack first you know,incase when someone or something attack you while you’re crafting,you can’t move.

Good job anyway!