STARTED TODAY![EU/FIN]Battlefield RUST [M4 Starter,Active Admin,Essentials]


I am the owner of this server, that i chose to make a battlefield server due to low population. We hope to get some players so i can buy more slots and hopefully make the server more popular! Our website is coming up shortly. Server is running Rust Essentials and the starter kit includes the following items:

Kevlar Vest:1
Kevlar Pants:1
Kevlar Boots:1
Kevlar Helmet:1
556 Ammo:500
9mm Pistol:1
Holo sight:2
Flashlight Mod:2
Small Rations:10
Cooked Chicken Breast:5
9mm Ammo:250
Laser Sight:2
Large Medkit:5

How does this differ from the other battlefield servers?
Our server has 3 active admins constantly surveying the server in case of cheaters and turning day whenever players want it. We also have fairly low population for now so you may make yourself a cottage to defend when the shit hits the fan!



Had a nice fight yesterday, hop in if you feel like. Also, adding a bolt action and shotgun + ammo to starterkit