Started working on a city map for s&box today. Here are some screenshots


Looks amazing! Especially the lighting and depth look very special.
Can’t wait to try it out!


i will start working on a city to tonight or soon if you want help :smiley: tell me :3333

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Damn this already looks great. Is this being worked on for RP, Deathmatch, TTT, Prophunt?

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Sandbox (which should be compatible with RP, right?), but I’m also considering making a deathmatch version with more halls (so people can’t just hide in one spot forever). Keep in mind this isn’t going to be a huge map like bigcity.

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Oh yeah all the maps should work with all the gamemodes if they’re set up properly. I was just wondering which gamemode it was specifically intended for if you get me. Looks great already :smiley:

Make sure the roads are usable, too many city maps are plagued with bad roads.

did you see my answer :3

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I’m sorry, but I’m already very busy with real life things which already leaves me with barely any time to work on this map, so I doubt I have enough time to simultaneously work on another one.

Usable as in, not too narrow? I used one of the car props for reference and would really like to make driving feel good, but HLA doesn’t have any vehicles so I really can’t test how driving feels.

its like source 1 for the roads

oh i dont see your answer okay i understand

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Sweet! Keep in mind any Alyx assets you use will have to be ported over by you yourself, so if you want to lessen that as much as possible try to keep to greyboxing for now.

alyx assets are amazing, too bad we won’t get to have them in sbox by default

I really hope someone makes an addon for half life alyx assets mapmakers can use, if every single map had to have their copy of the assets every map addon would weigh 10GB

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