Starter kits

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Following my reply on The thread was created to ask for a refund but i looked at it ina more of a game issue and wrote a reply. Here is what i wrote:

Just to put it out there i have 2 views to this problem:-

1 - It is a no brainer that people who bought the game for $100 like a month or two ago are gonna be geared up and pretty much twat u in the head with a semi-auto headblaster. Thats the whole point u survive, they survived. They started off at the same stage you are at at the moment. so dont see how u cant survive like them unless u are pretty shit at the game and only bought it to able to join conversation regarding the game with ur friends. So man up and try to survive. dont matter how many times u get killed as a matter of fact it should make u better at playing the game. [about to go on rant but imma stop right here!]

2 - on the other hand though, the game has sold 11,264 keys [yerp thats how much its at right now] so having starter packs or kits would be a good idea as we arent talking abt players in their hundreds and thousands. we are talking about ten thousands and this number is gonna increase and not decrease. so having some sorta starter kit for noobs could be a bad idea. i mean just basic gear should be fine like lets say a pistol with 5 bullets, water, food, axe. Nothing more nothing less.

Thats my view. I would go on a rant as to how people should man up and play the game for what it is but this guy has a fair point. Its all abt posting it at the right time and place… if he had posted the same thing when there were only 2000 players i would have backhanded him but we are talking abt 11000 players now.

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I wanted to know what your opinion was.

We used to start with more gear, but it was gradually reduced until now where we only spawn with 2 bandages, a rock and a torch.

I don’t think the devs are aiming to bring the kits back.

I think it’s good how it is, I love my rock fights. What I love even more is finding 2 randoms and pitting them against one another like an online version of tramp wars offering the winner riches beyond their means in the form of some cooked food and some basic starting items. Then I enjoy the next part when I say “Run, you’ve got 10 seconds before I start shooting.”

The way it is… is fine.

I think we start naked with a rock on purpose…

Basic items [food, water, pistol with 5 bullets]
Standard items[axe, firearm, food, wood]

What exactly is the difference between these two?
An axe? Is that it?

Either way, keep it the way it is.

Didnt know what else to put … didnt want to make it op…

I don’t even own the game yet, i’m trying to buy it but this auction is making this process really hard, but i think that there shouldn’t be any kind of kit.

Even the 2 bandages, rock and a torch that we are starting with should be removed in my opinion. Maybe, only the torch so we can see something in the case we first spawn at night time.

The only thing i would add is a ‘Stained cloth rag’ And that is to cover up the dirty genitals i encounter every day (In-game i mean…).

The ‘Stained cloth rag’ almost looks like a baby’s nappy and is filthy… Almost embarrassing to wear. You can unequipped it if you like however, if you do its code for wanting things a man should not want.

It also provides no defense apart from + 5 to Cold. So there is a slight perk to not flashing your unimpressive manhood.

Agreed? :slight_smile:

I like dat cover-up :stuck_out_tongue: