"Startin' ta hate this Zombie Apocalypse"

Kinda in a series with this picture

C&C my good people.

The muzzle flash rocks. Finger posing is decent to. He ought to lower his head and aim more. The hands of those zombie models are ugly low-res shit. Used them my self and it annoyed me.

Yeah… they were the best ones i could find on my spawn list, and his head dosn’t move much i tried to lower it and it started spazing out on me.

i’d strat to hate it too

UHGG! i hate my self. Can a mod change it?


Yay, Get rid of the bad spelling people.

Muzzle flash is quite bad tbh, it doesn’t exactly fit with the angle of the picture.
The smoke is too wispy and the shells need motion blur.
Other than that, great but work on your finger posing and choose a better map.

Use hq models :slight_smile:

Also, why stea1th dumb?

Ratings are dumb because people just spam the dumb one for some reason… should only have nice ratings.

Look at chestys tutorial for doing muzzleflashes. He gives some good tips.

Muzzleflash looks flat and pasted-on.

Forgot about that thread Thankyou.

Pretty much what Zombiewaffle and stea1th said.

The shells do have motion blur…

His right hand needs to be back further as it looks like he hardly has a grip on the gun right now.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses their head

Oversized MP7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah thats a normal sized MP7… its the same size as the Defult HL2 one… probebly just the angle.