Starting a build server?

I’m thinking about starting a Garrys Mod server (again) but I wanted to put a little bit more planning into this time, it would just be a build server for all players, but the rules would be strict and would be enforced properly, so keep minge baggery down.

A couple of questions, what server host shall I use?

I’ve used GTXgaming and Ukgame before but I thought they were crap. they had good prices but rubbish customer support.

I need a few admins to be on the server quite often, so if you would like to be one then just give me a shout.

Ok, So I’ve signed up with with a london based server so if you’re in the UK, the connection should be awesome.
The Ip is
It only has basic stuff, Wiremod and some good tools, but no Stupid tools and models. I want this server to run as smoothly as possible.
So come into the server and lets play Garrys Mod :slight_smile:

A few things.

  1. Never recruit admins here.

  2. “Strict rules” is an immediate turn-off for potential players.

  3. What will you offer in your build server that the thousands out there don’t already offer?

Can we have a vanilla build server, I’d actually like to use what Sandbox originally gave.

PHX + Wire? no other pointless crap?

Why would you need Wire or PHX?

Because some people like to build more than thruster powered bathtub cars with gmod turrets attached to them?

Don’t put unessential stuff on. I have the wire mod, and when I join a build server that forces me to download stuff like weapons, military models, and hover board I quit before I finish downloading them.
In my opinion, weight tool is a must, though, because source physics.
Also, don’t restrict stuff for guests.
If I go on to a “build” server, that half the tools are restricted, and no clip is turned off, I’m not going to be building anything there. Another bad thing is anything that delays tools (with the exception of dynamite and duplicator). It’s hell trying to wire things up with a 1 second delay.

Recruiting administrators is another thing to look out for. The moment someone asks “can I be admin” I ban them, as most of the time they are young kids that just seem to want admin for the hell of it. Recruit Admins by looking at trustworthy, regular players.

Once the new update is out, pure vanilla servers will be much more playable, since we won’t be limited to the numpad anymore.

Also, Phx is included in Garry’s mod now.

Should be completely vanilla.

should have carters pack

I’ve kind of given up, all Garrys mod server hosts are pretty much shit. went with Ukgame, their SVN is currently broken so no updates there. and I went with Xenonserver but their servers are in Dallas so the latency is Sky due to me living the UK, GTXgaming are also shit because their support sucks. I’m actually thinking of starting my own hosting service but no one on the internet can offer a reliable service.

I highly recommend DaemonServers when they are back in stock.

Server is up and it’s running amazingly