Starting a Deathrun Gmod server HELP!!

**Hello i’ve seen many death run servers with the auto jump and most of them that i see are the same script etc the one that u need to press “F3” to open menu and F1 to enable autojump etc i would like to start my own Deathrun server i wish somebody can help me with this picking the host the gamemode deathrun and everything i need to know to run it and pay for it etc Grin contact me on skype Leroy176 if you can help me with teamwiewer yea obviously there would be some money for you helped me good all i want is a server and everything is setted up that i’m the owner etc about forums etc i can do that my self just a set up for the server self

SS 1 -

SS 2 -

So you want someone to make you a server/community for you?

What country are you from, I can help you with some of this, but I’m not going to do all the work for you.

no wories already fixed. ty tho